(Information provided by players and mods)

Moderators (otherwise seen in chat/forum as MOD_) are members of the community just like you. They started playing the game for fun before anything else.
Some individuals are passionate and wish to invest more time with the community so they apply to be either a chat Moderator or Forum moderator. These people applied and were successful.
They are donating their free time, free game time, to have the extra headache of moderating chat in-game and in forums. They are there as a support to the developer team who cannot afford the extra man hours this would take to employ someone to do. So moderators are doing this for FREE, they don't get special abilities or rewards, and they do not get paid.
Please treat them with respect, do not expect.

Moderators have duties to fulfill, they may not know the answer to everything, and may not always reply. But they are doing their best. They receive instructions from the BlueByte/Ubisoft team that they must fulfill.

The "Help" channel on in-game chat is not a MOD_ support channel, if moderators are there they will try and support you with your issues as best they can, like every other game player who frequents that channel.

Remember, MOD_ were community players at the start, so we all are moderators in a way.

Moderators are also humans with the same needs as you the players, They might take time away from the keyboard to eat, cook an evening meal, some of them have families too .

No one has to be a MOD to help and answer questions about game play should they know the answers, we are all learning about the game as time moves on.

If your question isnt answered by a MOD it doesnt mean you are being ignored, if you do require their attention, then please type MOD_username (in chat), tt will then be highlighted on their screen and easier for them to read it, bear in mind that both "help" and "global" channels are fast moving, its not always possible to catch each help request before it disappears from the screen.

If you have an issue that only a MOD can deal with then please use whisper (or private message on the forum).

Just like in any game, or on any forum, some people tend to confuse volunteer mods with paid staff, the volunteer mods would like to play the game too, check the forums first to see if there's a FAQ or help thread that can answer your question before asking a mod for help.