My two quests this morning, daily and guild, both require me to pay 100 gold coins for a reward that frankly is not worth the cost. The guild quest is particularly annoying as this was meant to bring guilds closer together but the quests are so poorly thought out that they are having the opposite effect, I for one am contemplating leaving my guild so I will not have to do pirates then traitors every other day. Are BB going to show some imagination and stop repeating the same boring and costly quests over and over? It seems to me as I get closer to L50 BB care less and less about making things interesting, probably as I have spent the money I will spend so they don't care, always more new players who are more likely to spend?

And hi Mr forum mod, you going to delete this one? Or warn me then lock it? Or maybe actually admit there is a problem and get BB to engage and discuss it??? I have sent several messages to support concerning the guild quests but they have been ignored so don't suggest that.