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Thread: Guild quest icon in upper right corner of avatar when completed.

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    Guild quest icon in upper right corner of avatar when completed.

    Hi BB,

    I have a little suggestion to make which would not be difficult for you to implement but which, I believe, would be useful, especially for guilds and guild members. When a daily guild quest has been completed by a player and they have accepted their individual guild coin reward it would be handy if a little icon (perhaps the shield and coins image) could appear on the players avatar (there is a nice little space in the upper right corner which would be perfectly suited for this). This would allow other guild members to be able to easily see who might need a little help with their quest, who is completing the quest regularly and who, if any, is free-loading. We have been asking our guild members to mail one of our most senior members when they have completed but, as we are only human, we sometimes forget and it can lead to a bit of confusion between members. So if you could introduce a guild quest completed icon into the game I feel it would be well received by many TSO players.

    Thank you for your time,

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    I totally agree with You. At least King and his officers should be able to see who completed GQ.
    Waiting for those changes.


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    Totally agree !!!!

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