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Thread: [Guide] Strange Text and Peculiar Tasks

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    [Guide] Strange Text and Peculiar Tasks

    The Language of TSO Decoded

    There are mysteries and wonder aplenty in The Settlers Online but some things are a little too mysterious (or just plain wrong) and require translation from TSO-ese to English.

    At Home:


    You have reached your maximum population.
    Build or upgrade Residences or Noble Residences to raise the limit.

    Note: A level 1 Mayor's House holds 50 Settlers, a level 5 Mayor's House still holds only 50 Settlers and Storehouses do not hold any Settlers.
    Residences hold 10 Settlers at level 1 +10 for each upgrade, upgrade them only if you must for you will soon want to replace them with Noble Residences. Nobles hold 30 at level 1 +10 Settlers for each upgrade.

    "Forester: Deposit Missing"

    Deposit Full.

    Note: Pinewood and Hardwood deposits are the Trees, if all the Trees are planted Foresters will wait until they are needed. Place your Forester near the right type of Trees and ignore the message, when a Cutter cuts the Forester will plant.


    "Pine Tree Detailed View"

    "Choose the Pinewood Forester, under the Pine Tree detailed view"

    Choose the Pinewood Forester in the Economic Overview.

    Note: This can found under either Building Materials -> Pinewood Plank or Resources -> Pine Log, keep clicking the icons for more detailed information.

    "At least 0 every 12 hours"

    Make more than you're using.
    Have a positive production rate in the Economic Overview.

    Note: For further explanation of the many "At Least 0 Every 12 Hours" Quests using the Pinewood Quest as an example click here: "How to finish the economy overview quests" and remember, all parts of the Quests must be green at the same time.

    "Build a Warehouse"

    "Build a Warehouse."

    Build a Storehouse.

    Note: There is no such thing as a Warehouse in this version of the game.

    "Buff your Barracks"

    Before you can assign units to your General you need to train them in your Barracks, 10 Recruits should be enough to start off with.
    There are special buffs that speed recruiting, find Mr. Myers in your Star Menu and buff your Barracks.

    Mr. Myers

    "Mr Myers. Use on your Barracks to quadruple recruiting time for one hour."

    Quadruple recruiting speed for one hour.

    Note: Mr. Myers makes the Barracks work faster, not slower.

    "For example"

    "Buff using for example Aunt Irma's Basket." (Or Solid Sandwich, etc.)

    Buff using specifically Aunt Irma's Basket. (Or Solid Sandwich, etc.)


    "Refill Deposits"

    "Refill a Meat deposit using 1000 Meat" (Or Fish Shoal/Fishfood)

    Refill your own Meat deposit using 1000 Meat. (Or Fish Shoal/Fishfood)

    Note: This also holds true for a number of "Buff x Mines" Quests, they must be your own Mines.


    Yes No

    Note: o.0
    'Please note: If you cancel the Adventure you cannot go back to it. The same applies to Adventures from the shop.
    Do you really want to cancel the Adventure *Adventure Name*?'
    Yes ("Okay", I really want to cancel.) No (I do not want to cancel the Adventure, I want to "cancel" canceling.)

    The Merchant:


    Every building in the the Architect with the exception of three will return to the Star Menu if demolished, but keep in mind that you will lose any upgrades.

    The three exceptions are:
    • Artesian Well: 6k Water
    • Packed Wheat Field: 3k Wheat
    • Gem Pit: 40k gems at the rate of one gem every 13 minutes 9 seconds plus travel time.
    These three cannot be moved once placed and when they empty or if they are demolished they are gone forever.


    Produces 6 Settlers in 10 minutes. Once.

    Note: And that only if you have room for them.





    "ekeeewawajabeewa": A plausible hypothesis.

    Note: "Yippee!"




    I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that.

    Note: Try asking the French Chef from The Little Mermaid.

    Translation Pending:


    I know there are some I've missed, and a few have been written from memory. Please let me know of any errors above and of any other strange phrasing discovered in-game. Cheers.
    Last edited by Iolanthe; 26.01.13 at 17:58. Reason: "Tactician", Mr. Myers *vanished* o.o, Fishies don't seem to care for Deer Musk.

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    Very much enjoyed this post, very true!
    I'm more than likely working right now.

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    Sticky, please!

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    Can someone please confirm that the Tactician Quest does require you to prove "the little..." right?
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