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    And even then higher level players are scolding low level players for not introducing themselves before a friend request is made. I really understand the hesitation of new players diving in G1, and there's no need for calling them out on them.

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    Naming and shaming isnt allowed in the game,yet its ok to humiliate/name a new player because they dared to send a friends request without first typing in chat.Not everyone is comfortable in chat rooms,and the last thing they want is been told off for doing something thats part of the game,recruiting a friend.It is so easy to click away the X in the mail,someone will accept them,which is all they need.There are so few players online who actually talk,some are just happy to play with no interaction with others

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    I go in global now and then, and can understand some of what you are saying. I feel more that this is the place to say mostly stuff that has nothing to do with anything at all. If you happen to talk about something except small talk and silly jokes- yes you might get snapped at
    So I only go there when my guild chat is quite dead and I am really really bored.
    That said I have seen a few nice people say something worth listening to- but that is the rare occasion :-D
    If for some reason support feels the need to edit what I wrote, please delete entire post instead, dont put words into my mouth that I never said.

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