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Thread: the nuthouse are taking new nutters

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    the nuthouse are taking new nutters

    welcome all as guildleader i have the pleasure in saying that all you [ Censored ] screw losses are now welcome to apply to me for a space in the nuthouse
    as we have a very open chat room im afraid we can only take 16+ years old players but we have our very own readio site and we was the first to have one plus many many more things inside guild but you will have to join to see them
    think u can handle us then apply to either

    Hey sorry, we need to keep it PEGI7

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    woohooo i'm a member of the nuthouse and if you want a fun chat in the guild room and are dedicated to your quests come and join us, i warn you now i'm not for the lighthearted though, i love fun and banter ;-) so don't be shy give us a try, but no timewasters only want the best and remember over 16's only xoxoxox

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