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Thread: The Settlers Not Following The Roads

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    Smile The Settlers Not Following The Roads

    Hello Devs and fellow players,
    i have a suggestion that i think will make the game even better( it already is great). I noticed and now read on the newbies guide that the settlers and workers don't follow the path you draw for them...
    i thought the point for paths was to make them travel faster.. i don't see the point in paths being used as decorative items... they are roads.. and road should have some utility to make our lives easier...

    The workers if follow roads will travel faster obviously and thus making production time sorter and in the process making more resources available to us... i know i can shorten the production time by placing them near storehouses but still it would make more sense and Will make the game more fun..

    I hope Ubisoft And Blue Bites Developer teams will at least consider my suggestion...

    Thanking you
    - your new addict
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    I've actually designed the majority of my roads so my settlers walk on them. But to have settlers follow a road would be an interesting addition and fun, you could force your settler to walk around the island in a circulus route taking four times as long to reach his destination...

    Alternately you can use grids and settlers will follow the roads;

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    Settling isn't just for fun

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    well, if road have functionality, they need a sizable cost associated with em- ATM they are free

    Also, probably this wll be something that will fundamentally impact the game engine at the base level- probably affects multiple games as well- so is not likely to be something that is high on the list if at all

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    i think problems is you forget its a browser game and thats have huge impact on what can be made i allso think its should matter but again all house build have own entrace allready and all map will be full of tiny roads then, and i think this is a waste of time to build so many tiny roads anyway maybe game it self should do a auto build on main lines, or not at all, depend on server can handle it

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