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Thread: Why is game pegi7 but not forum?

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    Why is game pegi7 but not forum?

    So the game is pegi7 and every nationality got its own chat channel where u can chat in ur native language.

    Im from Denmark my self and posted a recruiting post here on forum, and it was both in english and danish, english to follow the rules and danish so that danish players who doesnt understand english still had a chance of joining my guild if they wanted. But the danish part got deleted.

    So i was wondering, how do people who doesnt understand english, ex. danish people in the age 7-13 join a guild when they cant read the forums, and guild recruiting isnt allowed in global channels?

    And why have a game pegi7 but the forums demands that u understand english to use them. Thats not very pegi like, specially on an european server with multiple nationalities.

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    uhmm u are confusing things really

    pegi doesn;t require multiple language chats and in the end the supported chat is english, this happens to be the moderated chat as well.

    Language channels have been put in on the request of the players and are NOT moderated

    u can find that here:

    Forum is pegi 7 and moderated and except the special sections (as indicated) is english based as the server language is

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