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Thread: [Dev Update] New version + Updates

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    [Dev Update] New version + Updates

    Dear Settlers,

    The aim to improve the game goes on!

    As mentioned right here, the next version will include several improvements.
    Right now it is planned to release the next version of our game on the 21st of February.

    A new test version will be deployed on tomorrow (friday 25th January).
    Feel free to check the current test phase status of the upcoming live version.

    Besides the fixes, the next version will contain a brand new mini adventure called "The Lost Skull"

    Offers in the guild shop will also be modified. Here is an exclusive look below.

    Items in red will be removed and replaced by the items in green!

    A major request from the community will be implemented as well: The chat will have a “trade” channel.

    A permanent tab will give you easy access to the channel!

    The TSO Team
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