When one clicks on a Forester or a Cutter, circular icons appear above the available tree stumps with wording below to indicate how many logs are available e.g. "0 Hardwood" or "9 Hardwood" etc. To get an overall impression as to how the lumber situation is, one has to visually scan across these indicators and make some sort of estimate as to how things are going. It would be much better though if colour coding was used so that an empty tree stump would have (say) a red icon, and a tree stump with wood available could have (say) a green icon. Then, one could scope the screen visually and see at a glance how things are going and where/how much wood capacity is available with the existing cutters and foresters. An overabundance of either colour would prompt a closer inspection of the lumber infastructure requirements, up or down (or leave as is).