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at least implement some item you can buy online that can be exchanged for gems in prov house or just gives you gems in a mail or a voucher code when you click it in game etc to make tradable store bought gems (i am careful not to suggest making gems tradable as that would include weekly rewards/quest rewards and level rewards and so would only lead to cheating)

Having an item that is tradable and can only be bought will make it much easier for people to buy gems and sell em in game for game currency and hence increase gem sales. We all saw the popularity of the gem vouchers. Just make an item that is priced like regular gems or slightly higher instead which can be bought same way gems can be so it will actually contribute to the bottom line without competing with the regular gem sales

Solves the problem of cheating in trades as it will be a physical item in game that gets taded and then converted to gems by the player buying it-

imo that would make 3 happy parties per transaction
1) BB for selling more gems/generating revenues
2) gem seller cause he gets a nice premium compared to selling gem bought items like noble residence
3) gem buyer as they can buy their needed gems in game for in game currency- many of whom wont buy gems for real life cash or more gems for real life cash anyway

cant beat tripple wins
this is an excellent idea create in game fiat currency BRILLIANT!

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I couldn't buy gems today in the mega happy hour because I spent my gem money a couple of days ago, so I'm sure you can understand that I'm not very happy right now.

Not all of us have a credit card or even money always sitting in the bank, and one heads up a month would mean that I could enjoy the bonus for once. If I knew when it would be, I could budget for it and be sure to have to money, so BB would actually make more from me than they do currently. I'm hoping to catch the March happy hour in time for the event, but I'm not holding my breath.
this has happened to me and friends on more than one occasion and its always dis-heartening i totally agree with the advanced warning idea, only thing is if they did that all of us who bought 1700 gem instead of 3400, would wait. Understand its the bottom line that counts so happy hour happens when they get are getting less sales than previous month or when they had a proper influx of sales eg 50% of players bought gems yesterday so they do happy hour to encourage more, and the old starter pack if they had realised what they were giving away sooner it would have been withdrawn straight away