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Thread: [Official] Easter Event is coming!

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    [Official] Easter Event is coming!

    The Easter Event will come to your settlement on 21st, March 2013, right after maintenance. More details about the Easter Event dates can be found below. How about an epic Easter hunt!

    UPDATE on REMOVAL 1: Please read right here.

    Start: DAY, 21st of March 2013
    Remove I: 11th of April 2013
    Remove II: DAY, 18th of April 2013

    After the removal of phase 1, explorers will no longer be able to find Easter Eggs. You will not be able to start new Quest chains either. The removal of phase 2 will end the Easter event completely (i.e. replace Easter graphics with the standard ones and remove the Easter category from the Shop).
    Wish to learn more about the Easter Egg Hunt and what surprises are prepared for you? Then read below 

    EDIT: We previously stated that those that obtained a Veteran last year during the Easter Event would not receive one.
    Thanks to your great feedback, EVERY user will now be able to get a Veteran General for eggs during this year’s Easter event no matter how many Veterans you already have.

    Colourful Easter Eggs

    You can collect lots of Easter Eggs during the event which you can exchange in the Shop for various buffs, buildings, specialists and decorative items. Easter Eggs are tradable and displayed in the store house(s) like all other resources.

    How can I get the Easter Eggs?

    • As a reward for completing a series of Easter Egg quests
    • As a lucky find when the explorer returns from his treasure hunt
    • As a result of trade with other players,
    • From the Shop in exchange for Gems.

    You will find the Easter Eggs in your warehouse in the “Basic” goods category.

    Easter Egg Hunting is an Adventure

    Using explorers to help you in the Easter Egg Hunt is not the only solution, you can also follow the new weekly quest chains. During the Easter event, all active Lvl 17+ players will be able to interact with a new NPC: he will assign them one quest chain every 6 days. Each quest chain will consist of several sub quests, including quests related to Easter adventures. The quests will be split into 3 level ranges: 17-24, 25-39 and 40-50. The Easter adventures and quest texts will be the same for all levels – the only differentiation between different level ranges is the amount of resources needed for completing the task.

    Important: after finishing the Easter quest, Easter Eggs will be sent directly to your storehouse.

    How do I start the Easter Adventure?

    To start the Easter adventure, click the adventure icon in the Star menu and then select "Start Adventure". The adventure will now appear in the Quest book or to the right hand side of your screen.
    In order to complete the adventure, select the adventure in the Quest book and click “Visit” or click on the adventure on the right hand side of your screen, and then click “Visit” in the context menu. After you entered the Easter adventure, follow the instructions mentioned in the Quest book.

    You can check the adventure details in the Quest book to see how many Easter Eggs remain to be found. Keep in mind that each adventure has to be completed manually by clicking the respective button in the Quest book.

    Every player will be able to purchase one additional Easter adventure in the Shop (for 1 Fish). The purchase of Easter adventures will not be limited to any level range, so players under level 17 will be able to purchase them as well. All players will be able to start the Easter adventures, even those that are below lvl 26.

    Important: if you finish the Easter adventure without Easter quest running, you will receive NO REWARD.



    "Veteran" (1,350 , maximum 1 in total)
    This special general gives you an added bonus, you can assign 250 military units (instead of 200) to him. He can also travel twice as fast to adventure zones and also recovers more quickly from defeats in battle than a normal general.

    ”Experienced Explorer” (420 , maximum 2 in total)
    This explorer can be pretty helpful: he only takes half the time to complete his search missions in comparison to normal explorers.

    Important: You can only have access to 2 explorers of this type. This means that if you managed to get this Explorer in the last Easter Event, you will only be able to get one additional one.


    Watermill (240 , maximum 5)
    (Resource building - water)
    This inexhaustible and even expandable watermill drains the clearest water from your island. Your construction workers will be delighted to have fewer jobs building wells!

    Easter Wheatfield (60 )
    (Resource building – Wheat)
    Easter Bunnies love hiding in wheat fields…don’t ask us why This field contains a total of 6,000 wheat units to stop you from finding them too quickly. The field does not go back to the Star menu after being depleted/demolition.

    Raving Rabbid Statue (180 )
    (Decorative item)
    The handsome Easter Bunny himself. The statue will scream for you if you click it!

    Floating house (75 , maximum 5)
    Many of you have been waiting for this for a long time: you will be able to build on water!
    Yes, this isn’t a mistake - the Easter event will introduce a brand new building to the game, a building which can only be placed on water! This unique building will increase the population limit in your settlement by 40 (1st upgrade level) and will be able to upgrade up to level 5.


    Rabbit Luck Charm (120 )
    (Building buff)
    Rabbit luck charms brings you good luck, particularly for your hard workers. Your craftsmen can use this buff to produce 3 times the yield without exerting themselves from the same resources for 48 hours. When used with friends, the rabbit luck charm has a total of 72 hours.

    Mineral Rabbit (60 )
    (Coal deposit)
    You will receive an additional 6 000 coal units that your mine workers can extract.

    Chocolate Rabbit (40 )
    (Building buff)
    In the past many of you asked us to implement a buff which will speed up the production in the provision house: here it is! Chocolate Rabbit halves the production time of the provision house for 12 hours! This buff can be used only on the home island; hence it cannot be activated on your friend’s island.

    You will find packages of Easter Eggs in the Shop.

    ]"Small egg package" (340 )
    (Easter Egg basket)
    Contains 100 Easter Eggs that you can exchange in the Shop or trade with other players.

    "Large egg package" (895 )
    (Easter Egg basket)
    Contains 300 Easter Eggs that you can exchange in the Shop or trade with other players.

    And of course, we will replace several graphics with the ones related to the event!

    Happy Easter Egg Hunting!
    Your "The Settlers Online" Team

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