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Thread: Wheat fields & Wells to friends

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    Jolly Advisor Dopey's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    I would guess the OP envisioned a system where guests to your island could only place down wheat fields and wells on the ruins of old ones. Also the placer would pay for it and if need be the receiver of the items would reimburse them later when they were online.
    A little less compensation, a little more action please
    All this compensation ain't satisfactioning me
    A little more content and a little less bugged
    A little less inconvenient and a little more hugged
    Re-do PvP so its actually PvP and bluebyte satisfy me.
    Satisfy me bluebyte.

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    Wordsmith fishslice's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    I would hate this - we would end up with farmers where people create 5 accounts and 5 islands then just keep logged into one island and occasionally topping up their main island with unlimited resources. The economy is bad enough as it is without creating a new reason for multiple accounts.

    Oh and for those that mention it would be ok as BB monitor the trades to same IP - thats easy all people would have to do is exchange with friends and next thing you know bread will be traded at 4 coins per 1,000.

    So please BB - dont do it.

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