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Thread: it start to be boringggg...

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    sorry but lets be honest do you think with anon coming out this year they going to put anything into a beta that has promise over a year ago that this will be coming and that. Nothing has happened.Just read the old dev diarys and you will see what i mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsmegavin View Post
    Probably one of the most stupid comments I have read coming form someone with 100 posts on the forum.. Need I say anymore to what you just said.. LOL

    If I wasnt so tired I have loads more to add to the comments from others above and how much I agree with qualan.. so I wil be back when im not so tired and bored with spending all my time sat at level 50 with nothing left to so LOL.

    I can't wait for your return, as I'm sure your comments will be far from stupid.
    Settling isn't just for fun

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    BB don't care about high lvl players they have extracted all the Money they can from them andnow they prey on new players instead they dont even respond to personal Questions regarding lvl cap send to support

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