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    The General allows you to attack enemy camps by assigning troops to him then attacking an enemy base. This General can hold 200 troops.


    1st - 100 Coin
    2nd - 200 Coin
    3rd - 500 Coin
    4th - 2,000 Coin
    5th - 5,000 Coin
    6th - 20,000 Coin

    Travel Time
    30 Minutes

    Recovery Time
    4 Hours

    Troop Capacity

    Character Limit per Account
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    every general does 120-120 damage also in fights.
    Initiative: Normal

    - Cautious: Unit will only be attacked if all melee troops of this army are defeated.
    - anti-Trample: isn't targeted by trample units (Trample: Attack units with the lowest maximum hit points first.)

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    Dear Ubisoft/Bluebyte,
    Firstly can I say that I’m pleased with the changes you have made over the last few weeks, and I’m sure most other players will be as well? I would like to mention one of the things that really annoy me about this game, that is the tavern and it’s occupants. I noticed fairly early that as you moved up levels the prices increased on Generals, explorers and geologists, but thought that this would level out. Some where between level 27 and 30 the cost of a general went to 5000 gold coins, that was a 150% increase from level 25 would you call that fair? I very much doubt that most players will have 5000 coins even with a gold production chain, it’s that slow you would die of old age. Normal generals are essential to the combat; you can’t buy them in the shop so the only way to do it would be to buy the gold coins! This is what really gets me, to do that; it would cost you 17,500 gems! Do we live on the same planet, gold production 4 ingots for 1 coin should that not be the other way around? There is also the problem with the geologist, I have 3 but now I can’t have any more. “WHY” With these prices I am so glad you are not in charge of the Bundes bank, or bank of England

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