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    Quote Originally Posted by Anshaa View Post
    Agreed - but not even below the level for crossbows. When I started adventuring I did the Bounty Hunter, and then basically couldn't do anything but Lost Skull for ages because my economy and population couldn't support anything else in line with the time I have available to play. I then upgraded to Tropical Sun (ironically, yes, with 4 skulls), and now I mostly do Pirates or Witch of the Swamp, or share SFTR with a friend - she has a vet (seems like EVERYTHING is much MUCH easier with a vet - hope we can get one at Halloween, I wasn't playing at Easter and I don't buy gems!) and stuff so she does the harder camps, I pick up xp from the easier camps/traps/watchtowers. I'd have liked a bit more variety to get me started, with more of a gradual increase to the more difficult adventures!

    Saying that, I read the forum. I know that 50+ content has been a sore point for a LONG time so it's right that the new stuff should concentrate on them first, just don't forget the little people
    Yes, +1 to that.

    Although I have done Traitors, and also just done Outlaws, they were costly and it has taken me a long time to recover; not really something that I want to try often at this level. I don't use guides, but have checked up on Killste for these two adventures and they both ask for a large number of recruits and a large number of recruit losses - not something that I can do without a good deal of work on my economy and my population. As I couldn't do them by using lots of cheap troops, I decided to use expensive troops instead just to see if I could actually complete the adventures, which was just about possible.

    For Traitors, Killste suggests that you can lose between 929 units and 1095 units with normal generals and blocking; I lost 1026 units with veteran generals but also with attacking every camp. For Outlaws Killste suggests that you can lose between 1636 units and 2075 units with normal generals and no blocking; I lost 1177 units with veteran generals and attacking all but three camps. As first attempts at these maps, they were probably okay, but not stunning by any means. I didn't have much of a strategy apart from trying to complete the adventures with the troops I had available at the time and I didn't make much effort to see if I could either skip camps or work out some blocks. It's not a strategy I would recommend unless you don't mind risking failure and a very depleted army. It does give me a lot of room for improvement, especially if I want to aim to have the losses for veteran generals rather than those for normal generals, but it isn't something that I want to try more than occasionally at the moment.

    I would like a bigger choice of lower level adventures, as the choice is a bit limited unless you go for lootspots and to be honest it's not very interesting just sending off a few recruits to kill one bandit. High level players now have a challenge with the Fairytale adventures, could we also have a bit of variety?

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    In my opinion, Traitors is not worth doing without a veteran general.

    For a player without a veteran, I agree the 4 rating is low compared to other 4 skulls.

    Now I have a veteran (from easter) I like this adventure & wish my [removed] would find it more often.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrBranch View Post
    Blocks are army walks into the castle...first battle lost of course...and then the battle report shows I fought the left camp.
    You are not the only person that has happened to. (I'd call it a bug...)


    Do not use such words in a derogatory way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalPink View Post
    Don't see a horseback walkthrough from you in this thread (or you link's not appearing)
    Sorry, here's the link:

    Quote Originally Posted by EternalPink View Post
    Why are you choosing to lose higher value units that are more expensive and time consuming to train over recruits? (thought you'd written that wrong originally which is why I asked about the 109 recruits)
    I don't care for the training time. First I finish the adventure, then I go to bed while rebuilding the troops.
    The choice for cavalry is easy for me. For all 1 to 4 skulls adventures applies that you hardly lose cavalry. Therefore I have thousands of horses being impatiently waiting for finally one of my horsemen to die. So whenever I have a choice of losing 8 cavalry or 50 recruits, then I might choose the first option.
    Soldiers is a different story. I'd rather not lose them, but when facing the choice between 200 recruits or 50 soldiers than that's sometimes a difficult choice. 200 recruits is a huge gap in your bronzen swords. When I want to play another adventure next requiring a lot of recruits, then I sometimes pick soldiers.
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