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Thread: Small Family (Phoenix)

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    Small Family (Phoenix)


    I am advertising for our Guild Phoenix (Ashes). It is only a small guild, yet contains some very active members.

    Together we are like a small family, very friendly and constantly helping each other out. We are interested in gaining some new members, our only requirement is for them to be active (on every day or every other day at least), and to complete the guild quests.

    We are more than happy to supply each other with the supplies to complete the guild quests if you are lacking the resources. Should someone be in need of a particular resource, we are more than happy to provide it - but not to any great excess that may be considered to be taking advantage! Also loot spot for adventures are freely given (expected in return at some point of course).

    We do not ask new members to pay 400 gold for their membership, we are happy to do that for you. All we would like are some new active members, who we can chat with and have a fun time playing the game with.

    Please just contact myself (apw2), Relims or Willox for an invitation.
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