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    Can I have a few minutes of your time?
    We are a newly formed guild, and we have players of various levels.

    In our guild we encourage chatting and talking.
    We also ask people to use guides etc, and then if they have questions to ask, and the higher levels will then give advice and different options.
    We use a lot of guides and people will readily provide the appropriate links.

    We also try to help each other, with guild price resources, rather than the full price on Trade.

    Also we expect guildees to buff their neighbors with 6 sandwiches each every day.
    So people get to know the people either side of them.

    We have people from all over the world, which makes for interesting conversations.

    There is a trial period of 4 weeks, after which we would ask you to make a decision.
    If you wanted to stay in the guild you would need to send a membership certificate to me.

    We have 2 Higher Level players who are Admin in the guild.
    There is usually one of us on at all times. We provide a sounding board and a place for whisper questions.

    If you think that this is what you would like, let me know and we can send you an invitation to try the guild out.

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    The guild has been recently started and now has 25 members. There is good interaction in guild chat and the players are all very helpful. Give it a try.

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