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Thread: More eggs ...!!!

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    More eggs ...!!!

    Why during Easter event there is no eggs for doing map adventures???
    I played 2 times "Stealing from the Rich" this week and got just standard loot.
    Since explorers find resources and eggs during adventures why the same principle is not valid for "true" general adventures?

    I think it could encourage people really to play the game, not only accumulating resources and egg trading during the event.

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    I really don't think they've thought this through very well. Without a 100% happy hour, gem buyers haven't bought gems and therefore eggs to pick the market up, so they're still rare and expensive. 600 eggs plus whatever your explorers bring back is not enough for a vet, which is what almost everyone wants. And lower level players can't afford to pay the high TO prices.
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    The Germans have 3x gem happy hour..... we have an Alpaca!

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