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Thread: personalizing player islands.

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    Glorious Graduate Egrcfirth's Avatar
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    Feb 2012

    Post personalizing player islands.

    I've been playing TSO for just over a year now and I've visited a lot of other players islands. Apart from the buildings every island is exactly alike give or take some decorations scattered here & there. I surprised people don't use decorations more & aren't frustrated by the inability to personalise their island more.

    Maybe I'm weird but I'd love to be able to personalise my island a lot more & stamp my own personality on it. I'd like to see the alternative building designs, new decorations such as fences & gates, dirt tracks as an alternative to roads (making them by demolishing roads is too awkward), ponds etc.

    I'm not sure why more people don't utilise decorations more - the cost might be a factor - to make their island unique, surely BB could encourage players to do so by including quests that reward the use of decorations or rewarding players with them for reaching targets (although they'd not be used but would be sold lol). Anyway I would like to personalise my island more, are there any other settlers out there who want the option of making their island unique?
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    Maybe a chain of quests and the reward, an island add on, you could place as at any point of your island and use, space gets to be a problem after a while

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    I would like to use decorations but they just take so much space. Plus the flowers etc can't be put direcly close to each other wich will look ugly.

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    My island is personalized to extent. I don't even have roads ;o

    Sorry got one broken wheel laying down somewhere, I'm that poor.

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