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Thread: What to buy with guild coins

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    What to buy with guild coins

    Assuming your guild is very active and you make quite a lot of guild coins, what do you think is best to buy ?

    Buffs ? The Nords ? Permanent building slot ?

    I would like your thoughts on how you value the permanent building slot ?

    Thanks for your ideas.

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    I am saving for the Building Slot! Be very handy before work in the mornings to have an extra item being built!
    I'm more than likely working right now.

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    The permanent slot is useless. Adventure - I find them not very interesting. Best thing to do - wait untill something usefull is offered at the guild shop. If this doesn`t happen - sell the guild coins for real coins

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    I'm going to save up until they announce whatever the next set of guild items will be.
    Then based on whether I like the upcoming items more than the current items, I'll decide whether to unload them or hold out for it.

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