New Friendly Guild now recruiting (ABO)
Aussie Brutes Online (ABO)

Welcome, Aussie Brutes Online is a new small English speaking Guild, focusing on having a good time and supporting fellow guild members. This Guild is open to all English speaking settlers however it is not Pregi-7 regulated and therefore we expect conduct to be appropriate for all guild members.
The swapping or placing of Buffs with-in the guild, Fair trading and Friendly banter between members is encouraged - to assist all members to achieve their goals.

Guild members must meet the following conditions:
1. Speak English.
2. Minimum age of 18.
3. Must be Lvl 17 or above and have a trade house.
4. Guild members must be prepared to accept the rules of the guild.

Free to join

Contact – Booga _TVH3 / BigBuddha / Zeb_Zackley - or