The Free State is recruting now!

We are an international guild, members from all over the world, English speaking, does not have to be perfect :-)
we are looking for a few active guild members.
Admission is free.
You need to be active in guild quest, working together solving it as quickly as possible.

please see our evolving constitution below before joining and if it seems like it's for you then get in touch.

No Pasaran


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short version:

welcome to the Free State [A Co-operative]

The bit we like:

Buffs - exchanges are encourage, please let folk know if you prefer particular items buffed.
Trading - This is built on fairness and trust with other group members.
Guild Quests – All members must participate. If you need help with any ask other members.
Gifts – We are nice folk here and we co-operate with any surplus goods we have.
Quest: The trading of goods to help complete quests is encouraged.

The bit we don't like but must have included:

We have no minimum level requirements but members must be active players.

We operate a monthly roll call of members – failure to answer emails will result in the guild members reaching consensus on exclusion. This is done so we can make sure our members are active.

We have no minimum level requirements but members must be active players over 18.

Exclusion Procedure
There may be occasions when we need to exclude people. We hope we never have to do this but feel it is necessary for complete transparency to have a procedure for this.
Some examples that may lead to exclusion:
• Breaking the principles on trading, buffs or gifts.
• Inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment, racism, bullying.

We encourage a culture of constructive criticism and challenging behaviour before it becomes a big problem.
We will always try to resolve problems without exclusion, but exclusion must be an option.

The essential bit:

We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism, and religious fundamentalism.
We embrace the full dignity of all human beings.

We believe in non-hierarchical decision making processes and an organisational philosophy based on decentralisation and autonomy.