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Thread: [Dev Diary] About PVP and more...

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    [Dev Diary] About PVP and more...

    Dear Settlers,

    Today we would like to talk to you about PVP and some upcoming features.


    PVP is a very important feature that is still part of our agenda/plans. PVP was delayed and pushed back a few times but it has NOT been cancelled. PVP is an extremely important update to our game, it is not something we take lightly, a variety of ideas were exchanged regarding its design, they were discussed and evaluated. We experimented a lot during the design process.
    We currently have several different versions of the PVP feature.
    Right now, we have to decide which version suits TSO best in terms of game play, balancing and from a technical standpoint. Remember that each complex feature needs an intense testing phase. At the end of the day, these are the reasons why we cannot give you a date right now, but PVP is still on the roadmap.

    New content

    A couple of updates are scheduled for this summer. These new features should interest beginners and high level players.
    The new science system was introduced recently in our latest dev diary right here. If you wish to have a closer look, you can test the first part of the science system in our public test environment. This has been accessible since Friday, 10th of May.

    This summer, a special event will occur on all islands. We cannot give you any details at the moment. ;o)

    End Game Content

    We are completely aware that high level players want more content.
    Do not worry, our designers have been busy
    A new feature has been in development and is planned for release throughout the course of summer.
    This depends on our progress of course but a dev diary should be posted mid 2013 with all the info on this new feature.
    The progress is looking great so far, the release date might even be earlier than originally planned.

    Guild quest reset

    We will be resetting guild quests this week (part of the maintenance). The reset is done in order to help guilds that are stuck.
    Our dev team is currently working on a patch that will improve the guild interface, one of these improvements will include the possibility to see who finished the quest or not. There is no date for this patch yet but you will be infomed in due time.
    100 guild coins will be sent to all active players that are part of a guild.

    From now on the reset + guild coin gift will be done on a regular basis (every two weeks) until the patch (guild improvements) is in place.

    Guild shop: Item election

    In May there will be a special survey about the next guild shop changes. You may have noticed that the items offered in the guild shop often change.
    This time, all settlers will be invited to vote for one item that will be part of the next guild shop version. The Jolly Geologist will be included in the elections.

    Increase of free gems for active players

    With one of the next content updates, two free gems features will be increased. The changes are not in place yet, but we expect to introduce the free gem increase with one of our updates in June.

    1. The number of log-in bonus gems will be much higher. The current bonus will be increased 100%: From 45 to 100 gems.

    2. When reaching your next player level, you generally gain level-up gems. These free gem rewards will be increased as well.
    Even better: All players who already received level-up gems will get an adjustment of the difference, this means that all of you who have been active at least 30 days before this modification goes live should expect a nice gem package.
    As soon as there is a precise date for the deployment of these changes, we will update you.

    Please comment here.

    The TSO team
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