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Thread: Crisis quest basket quest

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    Angry Crisis quest basket quest

    Hi. there seems to be a bug on the sharing is caring quest as i placed 100 baskets on a friends island and when i returned to my own island and checked the quest it only registered 24 out of those 100 i placed.

    this is a BIG issue as baskets aint cheap to produce and losing that many baskets is more than a inconvenience even to a player who can produce 200-300 baskets a day

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    This is a REALLY well known bug.

    Make sure to search the forums a little before posting bug reports

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    I have to say I have the same issue.

    It may be a known bug, but it is a bug, it has been around for ages, has ruined my crisis quest to the point I now have relegated it to the bin.

    If you are going to add a buff 200 buildings to the crisis quest, at least make sure that the buffing system is fixed!!!

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