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Thread: Lack of space...

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    I find the "conquer" part quite interesting. One of the disadvantages of this game is that it's too static. Some interaction with other players by means of conquering island or island parts would be nice.

    Or otherwise a new building system that can be used to transfer sea parts in land parts.
    On the other hand, isn't new systems just plain stupid? One day of science system and I already see people trading 3000 paper. What fun is there still when you have that many resources?

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    One thing is clear that there is not enough space for decent economy and big armies.

    Whatever the solution it would be, it should come out fast because after 1 year at lvl 50 there isn't really much left to develop and you hit a serious lack of dynamic in the game. I already stopped playing for 8 month, due to this issue. The new Fairy Adventure set turned on the things a little bit but this will soon pass.
    This is really looking like a End Game state and a serious mood killer.

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    If more space were added what would that solve? Any additional space will get filled and then what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gytha_Ogg View Post
    If more space were added what would that solve? Any additional space will get filled and then what?
    Then someone asks for another island.

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