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Thread: [Contest] Settlers: The Movie

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    [Contest] Settlers: The Movie

    Brace yourselves moviegoers!
    What if Hollywood adapted The Settlers Online into an epic movie? What would be your ideal casting and director? What would the film be all about? For those of you that feel inspired by this concept, you can even attempt to create a movie poster!

    GOAL :

    Write up a short synopsis of the Settlers Movie and write down your ideal director and casting list! (photos of actors are permitted). You can take inspiration from movie magazines, internet movie blogs etc...

    Optional: Create the epic movie poster for your Settlers film


    -One entry per person
    -Photoshop/editing programs are authorised
    -If you wish to upload your poster, use this site to upload your screenshot:


    1) 3000 gems
    2) 2500 gems
    3) 1500 gems
    4) & 5) 1000 gems

    (We could have more winners depending on how the contest goes)


    Today until the July 4th


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    The story is about a young boy who has nothing he has lost his mother and father and has been adopted. He is poverty stricken, as he grows he becomes a blacksmith and with time gathers people's courage and trust from the lands around him and with time and age, he becomes a great man, he fights for his people to save the lands and kills creatures to provide food when needed. He becomes king, only to find out he lost him mother but his father actually abandoned him and now both want to wage war on each other, his father to take over the lands he has become to rule and love.

    Directed by Steven Spielberg

    Elijah Wood plays the boy/king
    Al Pacino plays his father

    Other actors and actresses are all a-list

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    Picture this!

    A group of Seafaring Settlers leave port from a wasteland which has become this way through war, famine and disease. Boarding their vessels they set of in search of a new land. After months at sea, land is sighted! What shall we call this fruitful land full of bandits? This is SandyCove. The band of Settlers embark on an adventure to make this land their own. With nothing but the clothes they travel in and no food (all consumed on the journey) they forage their way inland battling for the rights to the land against the evil bandits who inhabit the land. Making tools and farms from the most basic equipment their community starts to grow. Many valiant soldiers are lost amongst the skirmishes with the bandits, but after each battle more valuable resources are acquired from the bandits giving them the ability to flourish in their new home. Eventually, with all the bandits depleted the Settlers set their sights to the neighbouring Islands, conquering as they go. A new civilizations is born, a new king is elected. And before they know it they can call this place home. Once the evil bandits are destroyed, the magic returns to the land. They flourish from strength to strength.
    The end!

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    The screen fade into an epic battle, thousands of the royal army fighting as swords clash with the loud cruching of steel striking steel, arrows and massive rocks flying over heads whizzing through your ears but no soldier hear, as the screams of men charging at each other, and moans of soldiers injured on this bloody battle field. Out of no where the Kings two generals give a mighty roar, 'Attack' as the ground shake's thousand of manned horses start to charge at the evil empire King solomon vii half dead army, trampling and striking at anybody that gets in there way. the king general sir Albert follows behind his brave men being lead to there death as he un shear's his sword starts swinging striking enermys all round shouting 'FOR THE KINGDOM', A true general fighting side by side with his noble men in the heat of battle. in not so far the King gives his orders for his second best general attack, As he says to sir Berty, stragergy plays out start your attack, make your king proud, As his men start to move towards the battle sir berty see's that his hated friend sir albert is almost over runned, he see's an opptunity to become the greastest warrior in the land if sir albert was defeated, then he pictures himself as king of all the lands with these thoughts he slows his men down hoping that longer he takes the less chance his friend has for survival. blinded by his own greed King solomon has his own trick release's great beast found on his land heading striaght for sir berty and his men. His army was shredded apart by these beast with there razor sharp fangs his men didn't stand chance he has been ambushed now he only see's his own death with this outcome, he starts swinging his sword knocking back one beast only making room for two more to attack, he watches his men getting ripped apart as he turns round a powerful thump on his back takes him down to the ground he struggles to recover armour being torn apart by these foul beast. barely opening his eye's he see's the final blow as a beast razor teeth coming striaght down towards his face. He freeze's with fear knowing what to come, a blinding light comes out of no where and the weight on his chest is gone, only his ears working properly but only screams of pain can be made out, he opens his eye's to see Sir albert standing above him with his arm stretch out and a voice of a true hero come's out ' here berty grab my arm' as he pulled up he see a blade pushed through sir alberts body, he drops to the ground to knowing this is all his fault that he wanted glory and this glory is only death on the battle field. As his head hits the ground,
    A man wakes up in his bed and a sign of relief, It was only a dream he opens his tent flap to leave As he emerge's onto a massive battle fields with the sound of the bell calling to Rally the troops ready for battle, But this time he wont make the same mistake again, or will he

    Directed By James cameron (Aliens director)
    And David fincher
    Sir Albert played Nicolas cage
    Sir berty played Will smith
    KING played by Brad pitt
    King solomon played by Zac Efron

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    The Settlers - A life to live
    The film recounts the fate of families expelled from a kingdom apart.Old king was killed in a plot to take over throne but manages to hide his legitimate child among families of settlers expelled from the kingdom.
    After many adventures settlers managed to find a place to be determined and the kings daughter grow to be a fine woman.
    By chance she get to be the usurper king prisoner and manages to escape with the help of a beggar who takes her in his underground world.
    Underground joins oppressed and manages to free the kingdom from his illegitimate tyrant.
    Cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones; Gerard Butler
    Director: Tommy Wirkola

    I hope i writte to be understand becouse i am not an english native. Thank you!

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    The Settlers - a story of a recruit's short life and why he had to face an army alone..
    Cast: Sylvester Stallone
    Director: Sylvester Stallone
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    Throughout his entire life, Bobcat Goldthwait never fitted in and was teased constantly. The only place he found solace was in his treasured encyclopedia. Driven by a dream, he travels the world in search of a place to call home, taking only his encyclopedia.

    On one ill-advised adventure, he gets lost at sea, eventually arriving half-dead on a desert island. The island is inhabited by a highly disorganised tribe.

    Armed with his trusted encyclopedia, Bobcat helps Jack Nicholson to build homes, Woody Harrelson to make tools, Betty White to make books, Zach Galifianakis to fish, Matt Smith to bake bread, and Tig Notaro to open a school.

    Bobcat falls in love with Megan Fox while teaching her to plant trees, and they have three children, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. As the entire island comes together one year to celebrate his 50th birthday, Bobcat realises that he has finally found a place to call home.

    It's a heartwarming tale about the strength of community and the human spirit, directed by David Lynch.

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    Ok this is my entry

    This summer sees action and adventure like never before as the fate of Earths entire existence hangs in the balance.....

    What starts as an ordinary night for ordinary chicago resident Daniel tesama will change his life forever and see him thrown into new dimensions where he will be forced to fight magic monsters and demons for the survival of planet Earth. Whilst playing the smash hit arcade game The settlers, a freak storm strikes the arcade with lightning and transports our gameplaying hero into a new dimension, Dan has landed in Northisle and it's settlers are running scared, an evil magician, Therg, has raised the demon Anarch who is threatening to destroy all of northisle with his minions in search of the Key of Akunita, rumoured to be buried somewhere within the Northisle territories. the holder of this key is said to be able to transgress dimensions and even control the fate of the universe. if Anarch manages to reach Earth then nothing will be able to defeat him and Earths fate will be sealed. Desperately trying to find a way home Dans path crosses with Anarchs and seals his entry into battle against the dark forces running rampant across Northisle. With only his wits to guide him our hero strikes lucky and teams up with the gorgeous Sophia, the daughter of a northisle aristocrat and skilled martial artist who comes to Dans rescue in a freak meeting of fates, realising the two have the same goal, to defeat Anarch and save Northisle and planet Earth, Dan and Sophia team up in an unlikely but compllimentary partneship to get the job done. With the harvest eclipse fast aproaching when the key will be at it's maximum power, Dan and Sophia have a race against time and across many different territories to find the key and defeat the demon, With a touch of flirting and romance Dan and Sophia form a lasting bond that leaves them both wondering if they could be more than friends and partners but with the mssion as the main priority, romance can wait for the after party. when a travelling entertainer tricks Dan and casts him to sleep with magic before kidnapping Sophia and selling her to Anarch to use as his sacrifice at the ritual of Akunita where he will raise the power of the key and rip a hole through time and space allowing him access to any and all dimensions, the mission looks all but over, can Dan make it to the crystal palace and defeat the magician Therg before stopping Anarch and freeing Sophia, can Dan save the settlers of northisle before it's too late?

    Directed by Peter Jackson


    Daniel Tesama - Elijah Wood or Martin freeman
    Sophia - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
    Therg - Ewan Mcgregor
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    The Princess and the Wizard
    The young Princess of Settlers, a wild woman, adventure lover, decides to travel for an adventure with her best friends. But on her return, she discovers that the kingdom of Settlers had fallen under a spell of an evil wizard. His name was: Ser Richard Wiz. He had all turned into stone and wood. The only mes who were not victims of spell, were bandits that years ago her father had driven from the island of Settlers. Sir Richard Wiz, he discovered that the princess had returned and ordered the capture. The princess and her best friends escaped from the kingdom, but swore revenge and soon would come back to save his kingdom...

    Princess Selenia: Kristen Bell
    Ser Richard Wiz: Ed Harris
    John Longbows (Best friend and later Boyfriend of Selenia): Josh Hartnett
    Michael Bown(best friend of Selenia, secretly in love with Selenia): Alex Belli
    Judy Bown (best friend of Selenia and sister of Michael): Ellen Page
    Jim Kup(master of arms of Selenia): Robert De Niro
    Carl Longbows (father of John and right-hand man of the King): Al Pacino
    Bifrit (right arm of Sir Richard Wiz and leader of the bandist): Ewan McGreagor
    Hugo Time (leader of the retired bandits): Tim Roth
    Lady Catrina (sorceress and a sworn enemy of Ser Richard Wiz): Meryl Streep
    King of Settlers: Bruce Altman
    Queen of Settlers: Cate Blanchett

    Directed: Peter Jackson
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    The Settlers The Movie

    This Movie centers on the life of few of the Settlers as they Travel to this Newly discovered island with untold dangers which await. If it is not fighting off rebels/bandits. It is the struggle to keep the food stores full enough to feed the new and old arrival of settlers. Some in the colony of people fighting to just lay waste to land and claim what resources without thought of the damages it could cause, while others wish to just live off the land, working to keep it the beautiful place it is. Even with all its dangers. A new world for the settlers to make a great home or a wasteland. This movie is about the survival for the Settlers who reside on the island.

    Directed by James Cameron
    Actors to play some settlers/bandits: Morgan Freemond, Kira Knightly, Orlando Bloom, Johny Deep, and Nicolas Cage.

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