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Thread: The shaman

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    so this guide is ok till camp 12 ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrakis View Post
    im only level 32 and dont have elite soldiers or xbow what do i do and need i need help

    For start, you can use this link

    But in the end at hard camps you need several waves.
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    I'm Level 45 so if you are lower/higher you *might* have a different setup, but here is my guide so far... I'll edit once I get the last 3 camps sorted out.

    No blocking in this guide, but there is the opportunity if you are able. (Camps 2 & 6 Easy 1R blocks, others might need more troops to block with).

    The Shaman - Guide (Lvl 45, if your level is different check the camp qty's)

    Before anything else, click on the Rocks (mountains) to get rid of them.

    Camp guards
    (BL=Bandit Leader, DCL=Dark Cult Leader);
    1) 100 Scavenger, 50 Ranger
    2) 80 Scavenger
    BL 3) 50 Scavenger, 50 Guard Dog, 80 Stone Thrower
    4) 80 Scavenger, 100 Thug
    5) 90 Scavenger, 80 Ranger
    6) 80 Scavenger, 80 Stone Thrower
    BL 7) 100 Scavenger, 80 Guard Dog, 1 Skunk
    8) 100 Scavenger, 80 Guard Dog
    9) 100 Guard Dog, 80 Ranger
    10) 100 Scavenger, 40 Guard Dog, 50 Stone Thrower
    11) 160 Thug
    BL 12) 80 Scavenger, 100 Ranger, 1 One-Eyed Bert
    13) 60 Cultist, 80 Shadowsneaker, 60 Dark Priest
    14) 80 Cultist, 80 Fanatic
    15) 40 Shadowsneaker, 80 Firedancer, 80 Dancing Dervish
    16) 80 Cultist, 60 Shadowsneaker, 50 Firedancer
    DCL17) 100 Cultist, 1 Witch of the Swamp, 1 Mystical Shaman

    Sectors: 1= Landing Zone
    2,3,5= BL noraml camp sectors
    4= Tavern, Houses & Farms
    6= Witch Tower
    7= DCL camps

    A) Move Vet next to Tavern in sector 4 to attack sector 3 then sector 2.

    ML=Max Losses, AL=Actual Losses

    Attack setup VET + Xb's + E's
    Move next to Tavern in S4.
    6) 25R 5E 220C (ML 25R, AL 24R)
    7) 67R 183E (ML 67R, AL 62R) - Can replace E with S for the same ML
    Move position to S3 near BL
    2) 14R 2E 234C (ML 14R, AL 14R)
    3) 97R 153E (ML 97R, AL 85R)
    Move position within S3 nearer to camp (8)
    8) 64R 186E (ML 64R, AL 61R)
    9) 84R 160E (ML 84R, AL 72R)
    10) 96R 154E (ML 96R, AL 91R)
    11) 130R 1E 119XB (ML 130R, AL 111R)
    12) 62R 1E 138C 49XB (ML 62R, AL 44R)
    Move position next to the witch tower in S6
    13) 110R 140E (ML 109R, AL 104R)
    15) W1: 40C, W2:79R 1E 170XB (ML 79R 40C, AL 79R 40C)
    16) 108R 142E (ML 107R, AL 98R)
    17) W1:170R W2: 150R 10B 40S 50E (ML ?, AL 225R 10B) **Note I used the B's to see what would happen, they only got 1 hit in and died first.

    Troops Needed: 1254R 186E 234C 170XB
    Max Losses Total: 1159R 40C 10B [Actual Losses Total: 1070R 40C 10B]
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    in last camp you can use bowmen insted of recs and your xbow wount suffer

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    I'm Lvl 35. Attacking with 2 regular generals ... just finished 2 adventures back-to-back so am low on resources, this will take a while for me to complete.

    Reward for removing stones blocking path quest: 25 Balloons.

    Sector 1
    Camp 1: 100 Scav, 50 Ranger.
    Attacked with 55R, 145C ... lost 49R.
    Camp 2: 80 Scav.
    Attacked with 22R, 178C ... lost 19R.
    Leader Camp 1: 50 Scav, 50 Guard Dog, 80 Stone Thrower.
    Attacked with 130R, 70S ... lost 114R.

    (moved army to little village)

    Sector 2
    Camp 4: 80 Scav, 100 Thug.
    - skipped.
    Camp 5: 90 Scav, 80 Ranger.
    - skipped.
    Camp 6: 80 Scav, 80 Stone Thrower.
    Attacked with 40R, 160C ... lost 35R.
    Leader Camp 2: 100 Scav, 80 Guard Dog, 1 Skunk.
    Attacked with 77R, 123S ... lost 72R.

    Will complete this as I slowly move through the adventure. I realise that you can skip straight through to to the village after sector 2, but am going through this camp by camp.
    --> Got bored so skipped 2 camps in sector 2. Got no reward for "clear Sector 1" quest.

    It is taking me too long to complete this adventure to be of any use to anyone ... have no resources ready to get the needed Recruits for the next camps. Sorry guys, tried my best.

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    Ideas for blocks on Shaman adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by peck_ed View Post
    Here is a good image guide by Seamus1! With Elites

    Special Thanks to ThankMe from Northisle
    I'll add some simple blocks based on this map as I work my way through the adventure:

    Camps 2 and 3
    Place blocking (normal) general as close as you can (ie where the map says "G1"). Place attacking general just behind. The precise location of the generals doesn't matter, but it's easier if they're close together like this.

    Preview the path of the attacking general and count 10 flags. Remember the location of the tenth flag. It should be somewhere around the dead tree near the entrance to the first sector if you've placed the generals as described above.

    Send the blocking general at camp 2, then get your attacking general ready to attack camp 3. Send the attacking general just after the blocking general has reached the 10th flag of the preview path.

    Camps 4 and 5
    Move blocking (normal) general as close as possible (ie where the map says "G2"). Place attacking (fast) general at the second closest position available, below and to the left of the normal general (ie just below the retro hut, to the left of the retro well).

    Blocking general: 5 Elites, 150 Cavalry
    a 1R block is probably possible, but looks very tight. Instead, a fight with this set-up will last at least 4 rounds, which should always be enough:

    For the attacking general, any attack scheme that takes 2 rounds is pretty sure to work, which means you really need to be using a veteran. If you only have a battle hardened general, 40 Militia and 160 soldiers almost always takes 2 rounds and you'll lose around 5 of the soldiers.

    Send the blocking general first, and the attacking general immediately afterwards.
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    Have a look here:

    I've been doing various math crafting for people without Elites or Crossbow.

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    You can do the first 2 sectors with 1R blocks too..
    Placing is easy.. it's like it was made for it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelgri View Post
    Maybe this is useful, partially:

    First click on the rocks to destroy them and clear
    the passage so you could move your gens to sect2.
    After that move gens next to city and attack first
    leader from sect2

    camp close to leader
    100r 100es

    camp close to leader - 80 scavenger
    leader - 50 scavenger+50 guard dog+80 stone thrower


    W1:170r W2:150r+50s
    how you skipped one more sector to shaman

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    The attack on camp 14 with xbows is totally wrong, since the shaman attacks the weakest target...

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