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Thread: Should we work together in the next event?

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    I think the whole point of the events are meant to be for people to work together as a server.

    However you cant make people do it if they don't want to.
    That's why a opt in option would be better and then the rest of us wont have to struggle to pick up the slack of none participating active server members. then maybe the % would be only representative of those who opted in to do the event and would be more achievable.
    Which would also mean that only them players would get rewards which would also be more fair rather than sitting back doing nothing let others do all the hard work/or just try to profiteer of others trying to get the rewards for everyone. As at the minute everyone gets rewards whether they participate or not which can also put people off even trying as they get the free ride anyhow.

    However after being so close on the EOW event to getting the 100% i am so proud that all 3 UK servers have at least 100% and I am going all the way to the end making and donating balloons good luck everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefanceltare View Post
    Our server didn't do so well in the last wide event... Should we try and work together this time around? If not for the rewards at least for the fun of it and the spirit of competition...!
    I'm late to this thread - must have missed it somehow. I hope we are working together as much as possible, in spite of the rather trying conditions.

    I did try to suggest that Sandycove and Newfoundland work together earlier in the event, but was met with some opposition. Therefore I have not pursued that as a suggestion.

    However, I also believe that we could work to help our allies in Northisle and Czech Republic get the best position possible by the end of the event.

    Disclaimer - I am not suggesting that this is anything more than a 'fun' way to help out, and might provide people with a bit more will to get to the end of the event.

    If you have the time, energy and motivation, and are not completely sick to the back teeth of balloons and water, could you make a few balloons, buffs or resources to help out allied servers?

    Points to bear in mind:

    1. This does require either the awakening of a dormant account or the creation of a new account on the other server. It is not easy, and you will have to speed-level if you are starting from scratch.

    2. There are some potential drawbacks depending on how BB calculate 'active' players. It may be that new players do 'dilute' the number of balloons required for 1% due to increasing the number of active players but only providing a small amount of balloons.

    3. On the other hand, it may be that every balloon does count equally and this would provide a small boost to the end rankings.

    4. Level 14 is required for making wells. Level 19 is required for making deep wells. 50 wells = 50k water = 12.5k balloons. It is not difficult to fit 50 wells in S1 and S4.

    5. At the time of writing, UK2 and CZ1 are only 3.9% behind PL 1. I think it is possible to overtake PL 1 by the end of the event, if not before then.

    Again, I'm not touting this as something you should do, but possibly a bit of fun when enthusiasm and motivation is waning. The rewards for 100% are in the bag, why not enjoy the rest of the event if possible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sto_Helit View Post

    However, I also believe that we could work to help our allies in Northisle and Czech Republic get the best position possible by the end of the event.

    Hey Sto_Helit,
    I, and many others did notice your support for Northisle during the balloon event, and I thank you for that If people of Newfoundland and Sandycove found it hard to collaborate with each other when you are on same forum, speak the same language.... well next time I wish you get a foreign server like we had with the Czech. It was a challenge but we did manage to have some basic communication and I think it probably made a small difference in the final results.

    But ty Sto_Helit, to you and to others from our UK2 fellow servers who might have given us some help


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