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Thread: A chance to get revenge for the EOTW event ----Get the balloons

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    A chance to get revenge for the EOTW event ----Get the balloons

    Dear players of world Northisle.

    Soon the new Settlers 20 year event starts and we of guild DLL will go and try to get our revenge for the [ rubbish ] The End of the World event which was impossible to win. Doesn't matter what happened in the past but we will keep on trying to reach 200% and collect the prizes. Not that the prizes are that good but to get satisfaction. At least BB tries to correct failures made with the EOTW event so give them a chance.

    Nobody can do it alone we need to cooperate as a server and try to collect as many balloons as possible. Make sure that you donate the collected balloons, because otherwise they won't count.

    We really hope everybody has the same attitude and give the German servers a run for their money. We now have much more high level players and this event every level can contribute equally.

    Hopefully you will all do your best. As said earlier no one can do it alone, we must do it as a server.

    Good luck to everybody and spread this message. Of course alter it for your own benefits.

    Kind regards.

    The Leadership of guild DLL

    Please watch words used,
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    Let's work again the Global-4 channel my friend(s).

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    Let do it dll for life !!!!!!

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