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Thread: The Shaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by GitaHund View Post
    this is to block the camp 9 in sector 3

    sector 3
    camp 9: 136r 15s 99xb (130r loss) or BLOK 57M 65S 5ES 5Cav 5XB
    Leader S3: 50r 140c 60xb (49r loss)
    The block above might only last 5 rounds.

    A simpler setup is 64E, 136C, which lasts a minimum of 6 rounds and an average of 8. Leaves plenty of time for the main attack.

    Also, if you're counting flags, you want the attack to be following just over 6 flags behind the block.

    Finally, if you're trying your own simulations on the shaman camp, note that the simulator currently has the wrong data - it's a factor of 10 out on the shaman's HP...
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    Quote Originally Posted by brighty642002 View Post
    This is really great, but now we need a guide for us poor schmucks who only have normal generals and can only build troops up to soldier level.
    Here is a guide meant for those who only have a 200-troop general, and who do not wish to use crossbowmen or elite soldiers, and do not want to use blocks. Since I am still level 36 myself, this was indeed the case for me! I hope the guide helps some people out there...

    Be prepared to lose a lot of troops though, in the neighborhood of 1350-1550 recruits ( ).


    Prescript: Post #3 in this thread does suggest a 200-troop plan using elite soldiers, and mentions that soldiers can be used in place of elite soldiers with some additional cost. I agree that ES plans are usually a good starting point for people who want to use soldiers, so I think that's good advice. But I found that some of the formations are less than ideal (even if you had ES), making you lose more soldiers and LB's than necessary. This post tells you how I did it, with what I hope are near-minimum losses.

    Next to each formation I show the minimum, average, and maximum losses based on 2200 simulations in this simulator that we all love. If you can find an improvement, especially if it leads to significant troop savings, I would appreciate it if you let us know! This is my first guide, so I'm no expert, though I'd like to think that I know what I'm doing.

    In addition to the 1350-1400 recruits (almost all of whom will die), you also need to bring 140 soldiers, 178 cavalry, and 204 longbowmen. You can probably get away with bringing fewer LB's than 204 -- the actual number depends on how many LB's you lose in camp #8, and how many LB's you will need in the second wave for camp #11.

    If you wish not to lose any LB's, bring 30 militia in place of 30 of your recruits (see the note for camp #8). Also, if you wish not to lose any soldiers, bring an additional 175 recruits (see the note for camp #13).

    The map consists of 4 sectors:

    Sector #1: the left-most sector, which you should not attack first,
    Sector #2: the middle sector, which you should attack first,
    Sector #3: the narrow "canyon" on the right, and
    Sector #4: the sector with the 'hard' camps and the leader camp containing the shaman.

    Sector #2:
    Your first action should be to move your general near the SW entrance to sector #2, just above the tavern. To be able to do so, you must first "remove" the rocks that are between sectors #1 and #2 by clicking on them. (You will receive a subquest that asks you to do that. Do not attack camps in sector #1 yet!)

    After moving your general, attack 2 camps in sector #2 to clear it:

    Camp #1: 80 Scavenger, 80 Stone thrower
    with: 41 Recruit, 59 Soldier, 100 Cavalry [losses: 33R - 37R - 41R]

    Camp #2: 100 Scavenger, 80 Dog, 1 Skunk (LEADER)
    with: 80 Recruit, 120 Soldier [losses: 62R - 71R - 78R]

    Sector #1:
    Now move your general near the entrance to sector #1, where we will again attack 2 camps to clear the sector:

    Camp #3: 80 Scavenger
    with: 22 Recruit, 178 Cavalry [losses: 16R - 19R - 21R]

    Camp #4: 50 Scavenger, 50 Dog, 80 Stone thrower (LEADER)
    with: 130 Recruit, 70 Soldier [losses: 106R - 118R - 130R]

    Note that by doing sector #2 before sector #1 we manage to skip several camps across both sectors, saving us some troops.

    Sector #3:
    Now move your general to the entrance of the canyon, and attack the 5 camps within it:

    Camp #5: 100 Scavenger, 80 Dog
    with: 73 Recruit, 127 Soldier [losses: 62R - 68R - 72R]

    Camp #6: 100 Dog, 80 Ranger
    with: 80 Recruit, 120 Soldier [losses: 68R - 76R - 85R]

    Camp #7: 100 Scavenger, 40 Dog, 50 Stone thrower
    with: 137 Recruit, 63 Soldier [losses: 119R - 128R - 137R]

    Camp #8: 160 Thug
    with: 144 Recruit, 56 Longbowman [losses: 136R 0LB - 144R 10LB - 144R 34LB]
    Note: If you hate losing LB's, you can protect them using militia in place of some recruits. For example:
    114 Recruit, 30 Militia, 56 Longbowman [losses: 114R 12M 0LB - 114R 23M 0LB - 114R 30M 5LB]

    Camp #9: 80 Scavenger, 100 Ranger, 1 One-Eyed Bert (LEADER)
    Wave #1: 195 Recruit [losses: 195R - 195R - 195R]
    Wave #2: 130 Longbowman [losses: 0LB - 0LB - 0LB]

    Sector #4:
    Now move your general near the Witch Tower, placing him at the North-most spot, and attack the following 4 camps (correct placement will make one camp skippable):

    Camp #10: 60 Cultist, 80 Shadowsneaker, 60 Dark Priest
    with: 158 Recruit, 42 Soldier [losses: 152R - 155R - 158R]

    (You should be able to skip the camp with 80 Cultist, 80 Fanatic.)

    Camp #11: 40 Shadowsneaker, 80 Firedancer, 80 Dancing Dervish
    Wave #1: 149 Recruit [losses: 149R - 149R - 149R]
    Wave #2: 170 Longbowman [losses: 0LB - 0LB - 0LB]
    Note: the first wave should kill at least all 40 shadowsneakers and all 80 firedancers. It will also kill between 0 and 7 dancing dervishes (DD). The 170 LB's of the second wave assumes the worst, i.e. that all 80 DD survived the first wave. If you managed to kill some DD in the first wave, you can use fewer than 170 LB's in the second wave. (Actually, even the 80 DD need only 168 LB's, but I use 170 LB's to be safe. )

    Camp #12: 80 Cultist, 60 Shadowsneaker, 50 Firedancer
    with: 147 Recruit, 53 Soldier [losses: 141R - 144R - 147R]

    Camp #13: 100 Cultist, 1 Witch, 1 Shaman (LEADER)
    with: 60 Recruit, 140 Soldier [losses (underestimate!): 60R 32S - 60R 47S - 60R 62S]
    Note: There are other formations, namely 2-wave options, that allow you to lose only recruits. For example, W1: 150R and W2: 85R 115S would work and would cost you 210-230 recruits. In my case, I was running low on bronze swords, and had a large stock of steel swords (and a surplus of already-trained soldiers), so I was willing to sacrifice soldiers for the sake of finishing quickly. (I also had only one remaining non-injured general and I was in no mood to wait another 4 hours.)

    Overall, you will launch 15 attacks on 13 camps (2 camps needing 2 waves). If you add up the average losses, you get 1364 recruits, so you will need a sizable army, and will transfer troops at least 9 times. Other losses include some LB's in camp #8 (unless you sacrifice some militia/soldiers to protect the LB's), and a decent amount of soldiers in camp #13, anywhere from 30 to 50 soldiers. When I played the adv, my actual losses were 1356 recruits, 15 LB's, and 36 soldiers.

    Enjoy your 10 balloons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juhana_III View Post
    For those below lev 50 it's a fresh way to get 14k exp from the new adventure. But yeah it's not much. Wish there was something else.
    I wish as I am lev 34 and i can hardly see myself past zone 2 as all my soldiers get killed for seems those raiders and such are much tougher than the regular adventures. I don't see the point of imposing such a hard adventure that cannot be completed by lower levels for a quest that yields only 10 balloons. Waste of time and resources.

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    good work

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    Here is a guide meant for those with a 200 general and under lvl 36. For those over 36 just replace the s , lb with the better ones and you will lose less.

    When you lend .. you will clear the pathway by "removeing" the rocks that are between sect 1 and 2. after that you move your general to location G2.

    sect 2

    camp 6: 39r, 57s, 1m, 103c --(39r max die)

    camp 7 (Boss): 79r, 1m, 120s --(79r max die)

    then move you general closest to the camp 3 but remain in sector 2.

    sec 1

    camp 2: 25r, 25s, 150c --(25r max die)

    camp 3 (Boss): 128r, 1m 71s --(128r max die)

    then move the genearal to position G3 and clear the pathway.

    sect 3

    camp 8: 70r, 1m, 129c --(70r, 1m max die)

    camp 9: 80r, 1m, 119s --(80r, 1m max die)

    camp 10: 125r, 1m, 74s --(125r, 1m max die)

    camp 11: 144r, 5m, 56lb --(144r, 5m, 20lb max die)

    camp 12 (Boss): Wave #1: 195r --(195r max die); Wave #2: 150lb --(0 die)

    and now the ugly part .. move general to position G4. !caution at every attack verify before attacking not to get intercepted!

    camp 13: 158r, 42s --(158r, max die)

    camp 15: Wave #1: 149r --(149r max die); Wave #2: 170lb --(0 die)

    camp 16: 147r, 53s --(147r, 1m max die)

    camp 17 (Boss): 60r, 140s --(60r, 60s max die)

    All done.. hope it helps someone out. I`v tried to optimize it the best i can and compare it to all the other available guides to get the best result.

    I wish ya all a great day! and happy settling

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    i ran out of time on the shaman as my dad broke my laptop, is there anyway i can get another shot at the adventure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thornapple View Post
    i ran out of time on the shaman as my dad broke my laptop, is there anyway i can get another shot at the adventure?
    Use this code here

    I'm more than likely working right now.

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    My guide at -
    (it worked for me)

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    I have attempted Shaman twice, the second time using 3 generals fully stocked. Failed both times, just plain ran out of time. You either need to be playing lots more generals or 24/7, neither of which is practicable. Is there any way around the adventure or am I stuck just wondering what lays beyond the adventure!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidney-Also View Post
    I have attempted Shaman twice, the second time using 3 generals fully stocked. Failed both times, just plain ran out of time. You either need to be playing lots more generals or 24/7, neither of which is practicable. Is there any way around the adventure or am I stuck just wondering what lays beyond the adventure!!!
    All you get for the adventure is balloons and xp. The rest of the event chain only awards small numbers of balloons, too.

    Sounds like you didn't make enough troops before you started the adventure? 3 generals should be plenty. When doing adventures, you need either (a) a large standing army prepared or (b) lots of bread/settlers in your star + spare weapons and a barracks ready to be producing new soldiers.

    Then you shouldn't run out of time even if you only get the chance to do a few fights each day and rebuild troops overnight as needed.

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