I really love this game, I do and I have made friends playing and I do think BB have a great product, there are a lot of positive points but two things i would like to change...

When it comes to time:-

Now I am getting up the levels I find that the is consuming more and more of my time, and just to maintain my fields and mines takes a long time, never mind actually playing the game. I think the time i have to spend on it is what will end up making me leave the game, when i would rather stay, because it becomes a chore.
I think it is good we cannot achieve everything at once, however I think and would appreciate, a change that means maintaining my game is not a case of spending more time than i have or spending money on gems, for lots of ore refils and silo's and so on.

On money:-

I have no problems with spending a bit of money now and again, of course BB need to make money, we wouldn't have the game if BB couldn't make money, I just find it a bit expensive for what i get and if spending a little meant i could upkeep my game i wouldn't mind so much, but its quite a lot.

I don't mind spending time upkeeping my game either, but it's just it's a lot of time again. Perhaps reducing the time it takes to build mines and fields would help and if the cost of items in the shop were reduced well i think that would be popular all round. I would be happy to spend more money if i felt i was getting more for less, or if it was a case of spending smaller amounts. The minimum you can spend is £5.00 for 700 gemsand you don't get a lot for it, if you spend double you get more than double the gems. If you spend £10.00 on gems you don't get enough to buy a vet gen.

In Conclusion

*I think if i could quickly and easily maintain my island, it would keep me in the game longer. This could be achieved by reducing the time it takes to build mines and fields.

*I think people would spend more money if it was little and often, than large amount of money you don't get a lot for. I certainly would