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Thread: A Bundle of Improvement Offer/Request

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    A Bundle of Improvement Offer/Request

    Guild Quest:
    We should see which members are completed or not completed that quild quests.
    Guild Quest canceling option.

    Barracks and Provision House:
    We should see total queued soldier counts. You can add in tooltip of item or soldier that count (Like: 200R Queued)
    Why we have maksimum 25 limit? When we producing we can enter a value for adding it. Maybe more then 25.
    Gem instant completion should ask "Are you sure?"
    Queue up/down buttons (for modifying list)
    Samethings for Provision House.

    We should see name of General instead of "Garrison".

    Star Menu:
    Star Menu item merging. Maybe user optional. Especially Add Resource items. Less icon, better management. Also while using it can ask "How many of it you will use?".
    This will help your database too (Less row better performance :P).

    I would offer samething but i saw someone did before me ( set and produce continuously.
    At least we should queue next book.

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    Also when cancelling things from PH/Barracks they should return to the star menu (if storage full), just lost 50k water after you decided to start the phase 2 event for 3 minutes then cancel it.

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    Although all of this is decent stuff, I think alot of it has been suggested many times, I believe some of it is in the pipeline. Probably most of it we have two hopes.

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    Each of the suggestions is worth of thinking. My favs are:
    - item merging in star menu
    - production limit increase (from 25) in barracks

    And I add one:
    - add possibility to cancel current production in barracks and provision house

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