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Thread: CATEGORY 5 of the Northisle Competition - Post your SCREENSHOTS here

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    CATEGORY 5 of the Northisle Competition - Post your SCREENSHOTS here


    Please post your screenshots of donations for entry into category 5 of the Northisle Competition for the balloon event on this forum post.

    For full information about this category, as well as prizes, please check the full post at the following link:!!

    Good Luck to all !!!

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    There are various options, and i'm probably the worst person to tell you about them... but I will try.

    Option 1
    1. Download Lightshot. Search for it on the internet, and its very easy instructions to download it. Or find it here :
    2. Once you have it downloaded, click on the little icon (a blue feather) on you tray. The screen will fade a bit and you will be able to select an area that you want to screenshoot. Choose that area.
    3. Then, click the little blue cloud on bottom bar around the screenshot and choose 'open'. This will open up a tab with your shot.
    4. Do a cut and paste of the link into the forum post directly. And there you go, when clicked, that link will open up your screenshot.

    Option 2 (from Angus_McGregor - ask him in game if you need explanations)
    1. First use to download your shot.
    2. then chose one as in this shot.

    Option 3
    Guide on how to upload your screenshot - - -

    Hopefully this post from BG the non-techi person can help you a bit. If not, ask in G1. If you don't get a reply, whisper Angus or Rieux1972. It's really not so hard, you'll see
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    Competition Results UK2

    Thank you to all prize donors without whom this would not have been possible. Please see full list of donations here :

    Thank you as well to everyone who entered into the competitions, and for all who nominated someone. It was very nice to read all those recommendation posts.

    Congratulations to everyone !

    Your prizes can be collected from the person named after your name …. (BG) or (Rieux1972) or (Angus_McGregor)

    Category 1 : Water production

    1 watermill - - Dezy with 564k / 12 hours of water production…. WOW !!! (Rieux)

    Category 2 : Most Valuable Player (MVP)

    Two people, litsa and Ozzymandeus, stood out as they both received many nominations (6 each). They will both receive one prize. As well, thanks to new prize donations, we have added new prizes to this category. Three names were drawn randomly for these prizes. The other 5 players nominated receive a consolation prize of 300gc each.

    1x silo - - litsa (BG)
    1x silo - - Ozzymandeus (Rieux)
    1 Friary - - Sami-Miita (Angus)
    2x lucky charm - - Ramurele (BG)
    Nords and BK - - SlowWaltz (BG)
    300gc each - - Dezy ; Dragoonblom ; Dutchy001 ; jeregen ; Velkajaja (BG)

    Category 3 : Perfect Stranger

    As planned, a draw with all nominees was done to randomly decide on the winner of this category. The other 8 nominees receive a consolation prize of 200 granite each.

    1 Watermill - - Ozzymandeus (Angus)
    200 granite each - - Blueyonder ; dreaduk ; Dutchy001 ; jenjen37 ; litsa ; Tawaret ; Sotrumlegomand ; Ursa_Major (BG)

    Category 4 : Late Bloomer

    As planned, a draw with all nominees was done to randomly decide on the winner of this category. The other 2 nominees receive a consolation prize of 200 granite each.

    2k Xbows ; 3k Steel Swords AND 1k Xbows and 1k SS + 2 love potions - - Hille (BG)
    200 granite each - - Jenjen37 ; Tawaret (BG)

    Category 5 : Draw for posted donations of 50k balloons

    The prize list had to be reviewed as the Old Ruins item can’t be traded. As well, additional prizes were received as donations.

    There were 29 eligible participants, therefore we could give each one a prize. Three participants did not post enough balloons to qualify, but they will be given a consolation prize of 150gc each for their efforts. Battlegirl drew the names of the 29 participants randomly and they were associated to the prize list order that was pre-determined.

    1 Witch Tower - - numa (Angus)
    3k granite - - Pipreilly (BG)
    1 silo - - Drouc (Rieux)
    1 noble residence - - Hi-fly (Angus)
    1 noble residence - - Ajshunter (Angus)
    1 noble residence - - PSYKODK (Angus)
    1 noble residence - - Litsa (Angus)
    1 noble residence - - Meserie (Angus)
    1 noble residence - - Spyer116 (Angus)
    1 noble residence - - Blueyonder (Angus)
    1 noble residence - - Rasmussof (Angus)
    1 noble residence - - MsMacbeth (Angus)
    1 flying red settler - - Cromil (Angus)
    1 adventure box - - Glyn1503 (Angus)
    1 rabbit lucky charm buffs - - Gromobran (Angus)
    1 rabbit lucky charm buffs - - dreaduk (Angus)
    1 Ms. Meyers and 1 drill plan - - Queen-d (Angus)
    2 drill plans - - Rjames (Angus)
    2 drill plan - - Bugeye (Angus)
    5 red flower beds - - Ozzyandeus (Angus)
    500 gc - - LadyNipa (Angus)
    2 exotic baskets - - King_Zachary (Angus)
    5,000 gc - - Jenjen37 (BG)
    Mysterious Adventure Box and 2 Dark Brotherhood - - Driller7 (BG)
    2K granite - - krugkrug (BG)
    2K granite - - Ylonka (BG)
    Solar Flare and Artesian Well - - Griflet (Angus)
    Random Adventure Box - - Tartloch (Angus)
    2k gc - - Dutchy001 (BG)

    150gc each - - Johnny68 ; L_Drago ; Theutodobus (BG)

    This closes the UK2 Ballon Event Competition !
    Congratulations to us all ! We made the biggest movement up of all servers, from 18th place to 11th place... We are all winners !
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    dunno how the image will look once I post, over my high resolution, but if you can't see it. I can zoom in on the news tab, and on my system time/clock, to show you in clearer detail.

    Edit: Way too small to see, and it doesn't seem to be clickable to open a full view. I'm posting another one under this, with enlarged sections of the news tab and system clock areas. But if it's not acceptable, I can upload it on an external image hosting site ( or or something), so you can see the full version

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    hope I got that right, click on the picture to expand it

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    Northisle 20-7-2013.png 21-7-2013.png 22-7-2013.png 22-7-2013(2).png

    the last that i have donated
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    Here's my effort

    Unfortunately, my storage isn't big enough to do 50k in one go...

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    Here's my first 50k for the competition. thanks bg, angus and rieux for all their hard work!
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    was going to try to join in on this, but I can't get my print screen button to work

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