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Thread: everything gets optimal quest

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    everything gets optimal quest

    i am trying to do the "everything gets optimal" quest.

    have a production value of at least 0 every 12 hours for iron

    have a production value of at least 0 every 12 hours for coal

    have a production value of at least 60 every 12 hours for iron swords.

    i have

    1 iron smelter
    1 iron weapon smith
    1 coking plant

    i got the first 2 parts green and when i get the third green the other 2 go off. can someone explain it to me the easiest way possible

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    you need to be producing more coal than you use, which I don't think is possible with just one coker unless you get it up to level 4 or something!

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    I buffed mine when I couldnt balance it properly - I had several of everything running, and the quickest way was to buff rather than wait and build and wait and build etc. Worked really well.

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    Start with the iron swords and get the production up to 60 / 12h. Buff / upgrade or build iron weaponsmiths until this happens.

    Then buff / upgrade or build more iron smelters until you produce more iron than the iron weaponsmith is using. Also turn off anything else that is using iron for now.

    Then buff / upgrade or build more coking plants until you are producing more coal than you use. Turn off other buildings that use coal, like copper smelters; just leave the iron weaponsmith and iron smelter on. If you've got sectors 6 and 7, build coal mines too.

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