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    Quote Originally Posted by Gytha_Ogg View Post
    Technicalities aside, why do you feel the game should have a PEGI rating higher than 7? What would it change if anything? Also why are apps for children available to download on iTunes, Google Play and Amazons App Store when all of tem have very definite age restrictions?

    Plus like I said I may wish to let my 7 year old play using my uPlay account.
    Technically you can't actually create an account for a 7 year old as it won't let you register one with that date of birth. I tested this a while ago when I was trying to set up accounts for my 7 year old and my 10 year old, and I was only able to create an account for a 14 year old directly through the TSO registration page and for a 12 year old indirectly by setting up a uPlay account on the Ubisoft website first (yes, I have contacted support to ask them to delete these test accounts). This is rather annoying when the game is for ages 7 and up - I think I should be able to create accounts for my children that give my parental permission for them to play without them having to use my uPlay account.

    I do not have any problem with the game being PEGI 7, as I think it is mild enough for my 7 year old to play without getting upset at the battles. It only shows cartoon violence, unlike the PC games, which are rated PEGI 12. However, I would like the option to lock chat away from my children, as I don't feel comfortable giving them permission to post in chat, even though it is moderated. Aside from the technical difficulties of actually setting up child accounts for TSO, my main concern is regarding chat and whisper - minimise is a good option but locked chat would be better.

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