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Thread: Welcome to the Hot Shots! Guild

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    Wink Welcome to the Hot Shots! Guild

    We are a friendly guild, Free to join.

    What WE Require in Return
    Must be 18+ years or over to be in the guild
    Active Players
    All of our members speak English, but many languages are represented
    Must be level 33+

    Benefits of joining
    Guild coins
    Help with buffs and trade for quests
    If you think this is the guild for you then please mail
    Leanne-244 or bikkelson
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    Nifty SeaBee1964's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    We currently have spaces available,
    so if you're looking for a friendly little guild give us a call.

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    Feb 2013
    We are recruiting again! We're looking for active members who like to chat and who make an effort doing guild quests in a timely fashion. We have set prices for lootspots offered in guild, also very nice. We have an amazing guild with some colourfull people in it of various countries. We have the king of trades , dappadon , the king of adventures , hagartheorrible and the queen of jumping ..bunnyjumping. So if you are over 18 years of age , want to be in a guild with active members, then look no further..and let us know.
    Greetings Bikkelson

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