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Thread: [Forum Update] New Organization & Subforums!

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    [Forum Update] New Organization & Subforums!

    Dear Settlers,

    Things may look a little different around our forums today! We have rearranged and reorganized the forums to have a more user-friendly layout and to be more relevant for the users. We have also introduced a couple of new sub-forums you should keep an eye on!
    • 'Verified Bugs' (sub-forum of Bugs & Technical Issues)
      Here, moderators will collate bugs that have been verified and their current status/possible fixes.
    • Creative Area (sub-forum of Community Corner)
      Here you can post anything creative you've done relating to Settlers Online! Imagined buildings, new characters, a painting, a story, a poem-- let your imagination run wild.

    We've also introduced three new smilies into the forums that may be relevant for your usage and/or guides.

    Gems -
    Beanstalks -
    Beans -

    We hope you enjoy these changes and as always, feel free to leave feedback here!

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