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Thread: Game Suggestion - Economy Adventures

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    Game Suggestion - Economy Adventures

    Personally I'm already a little bit bored with the adventures as they're all basically the same idea, so here's a suggestion for a new type of adventure - economic conquests.

    Instead of taking troops and defeating army camp, how about we take resources and have to create a more productive economy than the target island. e.g:
    Buy a 'Trader' instead of a gen to transport resources instead of troops.
    Simple adventures require taking some resources and building a few wells until we make more water than the island economy
    Harder adventures require more expensive buildings to be built.

    No transport of goods back to home island, just build a better economy to win.

    There are lots of options I can think of on how to implement this, for instance what if we can build a mine on the island and buy the required goods, e.g. build a copper mine and trade the copper for the water. The trade prices would probably have to be fixed on the island as part of the adv setup. This will give a variety of solutions to keep it more interesting.

    I've had search and can't find this suggestion being made previously, apologies if it has.

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    There was mention of similar back in December (half way down the page or so):

    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Dantesama

    This new type of adventures will consist of challenges with less or no combat. They will contain critical challenges for traders and economists. Tightly balanced constraints such as starting resources, time limits and limited building licenses will provide the challenge. Reward will be available for the main goal, and bonus items for optional side quests
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    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Dantesama View Post type of adventures will consist of challenges with less or no combat.
    I think BB ran with this idea...

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    I've suggested this before already.

    This game needs to go back to the "Settlers" series roots. Back in the days, settlers used to have "levels" or maps. Where you start off with little resources and try to take over the map and go through a portal to the next map.

    These types of adventures are more interesting.

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