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Thread: Bookbinder & Glue

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    Bookbinder & Glue

    With the release of the new Wilderwood Resin (36 hrs) its time to make a change with the bookbinder and have a queue.
    I have lost countless hrs through unexpected maintenance and just plain forgetting to pick them up! A sound indicator would help somewhat when a book is finished but still isn't the answer.

    Anyone building continuous books would still need all the required resources to make them anyway. Please BB look at this issue as with the provision house and barracks the bookbinder is similar and the end result should be the same. They should all have the ability to queue!

    I would suggest a poll on this issue but I think its a no-brainer, No one would be against a queue for the Bookbinder!

    I have some hope as the feedbk you received about the fairytale adv's first time round was quickly addressed!

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    One of the problems with a queue for the bookbinder, is that you make the required item JUST BEFORE its needed for the next level item.
    Unless of course you intend to make all scripts first, and then start a new queue with tomes.

    But never the less, a queue would be nice to have available.

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    yup, i Always thought it was a strange decision to make just 1 item without queue.

    All other things in the game can easily be queued, productionbuildings dont need much attention at all. You dont have to be around at a specific time to do things, the queue gives you a nice window to add new things and keep the settlers happily at work. Great if you're not at your computer all day.

    And then they introduce the bookbinder. You have to be around to start a new one. You have to go 5 minutes before a book is finished? haha too bad, you have to come back.

    There are games where regular online activity is really important, in games with aggressive PvP for example. But the settlers is different, easier to play and less pressure to log in often. So the bookbinder just doesn't fit in, it's not consistent with the rest of the gameplay. Would be good to reconsider, and make the bookbinder like the other buildings.

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