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Thread: [Dev Diary] TSO & BB's gamescom2013 Wrap-Up

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    [Dev Diary] TSO & BB's gamescom2013 Wrap-Up

    gamescom 2013: The Settlers Online invades central Cologne!

    Dear Settlers,

    After a long week of gamescom and gamescom prep, Sunday marked the end of the event and an amazingly exciting, successful time for TSO and BlueByte. With over 340,000 attendees packing the Koelnmesse, it was a game of sardines-- but then again, games is what gamescom is all about! The photo below was taken on Thursday and only shows a bit of how popular and packed gamescom this year was, full to the brim with eager gamers and fans.

    In the Ubisoft booth, many different presentations took place during the course of the event, of course peppered with some great talks about The Settlers Online! The crowd turnout to hear about our game was great and the response was extremely enthusiastic. It was an amazing mood, and there's nothing quite like hearing 200 people chanting, 'Settlers! Settlers! Settlers!'.

    The TSO team from BlueByte took up residence in Ubisoft's Community Corner, and from there we met fans from all over. Dutch, Polish, British and German players came to our booth to have a chat about TSO, as well as some players from the Nordic countries. The Community Corner was a great experience and we had a fantastic time meeting players who are so passionate about the game and TSO's community!

    Pictured below are the community management team who staffed the booth during the event-- BB_xaar (Poland's CM), BB_Alpaca (UK's CM), BB_Pandur (Germany's CM) and BB_Graubart (our Worldwide Community Coordinator).

    Additionally, I was also lucky enough to be joined by TSO UK's two amazingly dedicated forum moderators, peck_ed and Fexno on the Friday of gamescom, which was an awesome experience! Being surrounded by so many awesome people who love the game made for a great few days and only inspired us to work harder for the fabulous community we've got going here.

    To those of you we got to meet, thank you so much for coming down to see us, and for those of you that couldn't make it, we look forward to meeting you in the near future!

    As always, there is also a feedback thread here.

    All the best and happy settling,

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