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Thread: [OPEN] Chat crashes at random times

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    For first time in ages now game&chat crashed. Damn you jason! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowBlizz View Post
    For first time in ages now game&chat crashed. Damn you jason! :P
    lol Poor Jason getting the blame

    in all seriousness not sure how relevant the following will be it happens to me a lot on both servers I play on This account i play on google chrome and clean cache thingy all the time and have allowed max whatever it is when you right click mouse on game screen and enabled hardware thing same way. which have all been suggested to me in the past.
    I have however noticed chat loss mostly happens over there when i have a shock wave flash thing pop up saying stop working after the game has been frozen for a long time, when it unfreezes it pixelates (i think the word is) and game is no longer froze but when the pixel changes i loose chat get connecting to chat server message all time until thats sorted its self out
    ALSO chat jumps are back whether you be in adventure chat/whisper chat and swapping adventure maps/islands etc you end up back in global 1 but in my case with the whisper boxes still in view so a heads up for mods as we know some probs that can cause
    maybe shock flash thing something to do with it but i checked mine say up to date and also maybe the game freeze pixel thing causing it.
    the complete crash thing i have noticed as now i play between 2 servers if i don't be in sandycove but busy on other one the game sort of times me out i think if i havent done anything in the game as get refresh screen thing pop up (the little box in middle of screen cant remember exact words)

    so does being logged in but not actually active in game cause you to be forced to refresh or logged? out as sometimes im logged in for hours and i go to check forum say and the game says im logged out even though i have been playing say over 8 hours in a row (in all senses of the term playing)but i log back in on uplay to be able to post on forum.

    OK other account i play on game download thing again i have chat jumps and have lost chat a lot swapping maps and the game freeze thing to however very rarely does game crash completely on me but has done in the past on that.

    like i said not sure if relevant but its things ive noticed so far

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    Chat is crashing...individual players lights go off even though they are still there, they cant see what we type, we dont know they are there.
    Happening now more and more often and with more and more players.

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    Chat reboots every time I return from an adventure

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