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Thread: Give mods better tools to work with

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    Give mods better tools to work with

    Ok, common problem to solve: someone says "hej alle" in general chat. Yellow responses follow, often causing more 'spam' than the original greeting.

    1) Give mods ability to open a whisper in a popup window - preferably modal one. This is impossible to ignore and doesn't spam the channel. And of course allow the player to reply in that same window so that the issue can be sorted without spamming public chat.

    2) Give mods ability to move a player to another general channel - if player can't understand a word of English, no amount of yelling at them in general helps in any way. Usually it's at least possible to guess what language they are speaking.

    3) On multi-language EU servers, set the general channel welcoming message to say that general chat is in English only, but other language channels are available. There is no way new players can know the chat rules and they are constantly getting yelled at, in very rude fashion, when they break the English only rule. That's not the way to welcome a brand new player into the game. A proper way to solve this issue would obviously be a dialog window that asks any new player what language chat they'd want to join (as well as give really short explanation on rules and how to switch between language channels). And any time the setting reset (every patch), show the dialog again.

    4) Give mods a /mod chat command they can put in front of whatever they say to make it yellow, if they feel they need the extra attention. On plenty of occasions mods participate in regular conversation, or post trades, and using their yellow moderator color doing that is distracting and diminishes the color's attention value when they have something important to say. Or maybe yellow would be default color and mods should have a command to say something in regular chat color. Which ever is more convenient.

    5) Lot more words in current filtering that needs to be removed as they are perfectly innocent in most contexts. Indiscriminantly censoring every word that has a questionable meaning in a specific context is dangerous, and you'd probably have to filter half the vocabulary then. Simplest example of this that comes to mind is weed. But when it comes to filter not working particularly well, http/www are an obvious case. Anyone who wants to post a link can do so by removing http/www, so filter doesn't protect the chat from outside links. What it does is making it harder for everyone to post the links to guides, forums etc. Especially since the person posting it doesn't even realise it got filtered. Why is this suggestion on this post? Better filtering makes mods work easier too.

    Please note that this is not in any way meant as a discussion on modding rules, nor is it even allowed, so don't get into that. This is about trying to help mods and make the chat nicer place for everyone.
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    Now that replies are allowed again, feel free to discuss. But I remind again, don't get into modding discussion. Only discuss what features could make mods work easier.

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    It would help to be able to have the option to select your individual global chat channel at registration: either English or one of the currently available language chat channels. I suggested this back in this thread some time ago. I know that it wouldn't take a great deal of programming to implement it, and it would make it a lot easier for the people that arrive in global-1 or help not knowing that the language of reference is English. It would also be nice if a simplified set of rules and general information about chat could be provided in the relevant languages in a mail to the people that need them in another language. Again this could be an automatic mail generated by the use of the language channel option.

    If this is not possible, then we will have to work within the current system to some extent. It isn't particularly easy to direct people to the language channels at the moment and sometimes it doesn't work very well.

    Other options that might help the current system to work better:

    - Instead of the current language channel list being entirely in English, could the language names be in the relevant languages?

    - Could there be a very small 'international' section of the forum that gives information in each language on how to change to the correct language channel, the requirement to speak English in the main chat channels and a simplified list of the rules? This could have a small set of threads that could be posted in chat as needed. For instance:

    Please speak English in global-1, Help and Trade. To change to the [language] chat channel please type /j global-[number].

    Please follow the following rules in the main chat channels:

    Speak English on the forum and the in-game chats.

    Do not troll or flame.

    Do not post private discussions with Support/Mod/Admin.

    Do not post offensive jokes.

    No political or religious conversations.

    Do not complain about moderation, the moderators or the rules.

    Do not spam, flood or scam.

    Please use the right chat channel:
    Help for questions about the game.
    Trade for all trades including buff requests.
    Global-1 for chat in English
    Language channels for other languages

    Do not use too many capital letters, excessive letters or special characters.

    Do not sell or exchange in-game content (gems, codes,accounts, vouchers etc...) for real money or digital goods.

    Do not use macros, scripts, bots or other programs.

    Do not name and shame cheaters in public.

    Do not discuss or use exploits or cheats.

    Do not multi-account.

    Do not advertise or post about: pirated material, download networks, illegally obtained internet software.

    Do not advertise or post about: other video games, any other websites, youtube channels or any products.

    Do not invite others to take part in illegal activities.

    This is a Pegi 7 game, so players from age 7 upwards can play. Keep chat civil and age-appropriate.

    Do not post or talk about alcohol, drugs, pornography or any other mature content.

    No invitations to boycotts.

    No racism or malicious incitement.

    No pornography or eroticism.

    No discrimination against minorities or physically or mentally disabled persons or socially disadvantaged groups.

    Inappropriate usernames or guild tags will be banned.

    Only employees of Ubisoft and Blue Byte may use an "Ubi_" or "BB_" abbreviation in front of their usernames.
    - Or could the above information be sent out in a mail either by the Mods or players so that new players have some time to understand the chat rules?
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    can mods be educated about why gems are not delivered when purchased? [ removed ]

    Hi peachykeen.

    If you have complaints about moderation send a ticket to Support. The forum is not the place to discuss these things.
    You can do so by using the contact form on this page:

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    Non delivery of gems is a issue for support, the mods will not have the information to hand on why a delivery has not taken place. All the mods can do in the situation is tell you to contact support.

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