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Thread: [FAQ] Guild Succession Q&A

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    [FAQ] Guild Succession Q&A

    Dear Settlers,

    Below you will find more information about the guild succession system. So, how does it work, exactly?

    There are two ways of changing the guild leader:
    1. Guild leader steps down
      This kind of guild leader change is triggered by the guild leader. After he/she clicks the respective button, the request is sent to the next person in the hierarchy, based on a succession order.

      If the successor accepts the request (to take over the guild), he receives a notification and all leader rights.

    2. Inactivity
      This kind of guild leader change is triggered when the guild leader is inactive for more than 15 days. When this happens (inactivity of a guild leader), the request to take over the guild is sent to the next person in the hierarchy, basing on the succession order.

      Inactivity means you have not logged in within 15 days.

      If the successor declines to take over the guild, the request is sent to next person in hierarchy. When the request is accepted, the "old" leader gets an information.

      In case all successors decline to take over the guild, the timer of inactivity starts from beginning. If the guild leader is inactive for another 15 days, the whole process starts again.

    General rules related to guild leader change:
    1. Taking over the guild leadership
      • The request must be accepted within 7 days.

      • In case the successor doesn't have a guild house on the home-island, he/she needs to build it within 7 days in order to be able to accept the request.

      • If the request is declined or the successor doesn't have a guild house on the home-island in required time, the request (taking over guild leadership) is handed down to a next person in the hierarchy.

    2. Changing the succession order
      • Default succession ranks are based on the fact how long you are in the guild.

      • The succession order can be changed by the guild leader.

    3. Daily Guild Quest status
      1. Status: None
        No quest has been assigned to a player, there are two reasons possible:
        • Player was not active (as in, had not logged in for the past 48 hours) while the previous Daily Guild Quest chain (main task) was completed or when the new Daily Guild Quests were assigned.
        • Guild is not big enough to receive Daily Guild Quests (minimum 10 active members).

      2. Status: Open
        A Daily Guild Quest is assigned to a player, but it was not fulfilled yet.

      3. Status: Completed
        Player completed a Daily Guild Quest from the current chain.

    Feel free to leave feedback in the Guild Management feedback thread!

    Happy Settling,
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