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Thread: [Dev Diary] Collectible Items Appear!

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    [Dev Diary] Collectible Items Appear!

    Collectible items: More information about upcoming feature - Collectible items.

    Dear Settlers,

    This developer's diary entry is related to a new feature: Collectible items! The feature is available for players level 16 and above.
    More information can be found below.

    The Collection system offers the possibility to create new items using Collectibles instead of standard resources. For this purpose, the
    new tab called Collections has been added to Mayor's house interface and the Military tab has been removed from there. The Collections tab shows an overview of all collectible items that have been acquired so far and what can be produced out of them.

    You can still check military information about your settlement - just hover your mouse over the settler icon in the top bar:

    After the item from the "Collections" tab is produced (without speeding up completion), you need to collect it from Mayor's house.

    How do you do this? It's easy:
    1. Click on Mayor's House building on your home island.
    2. Go to the Collections tab.
    3. Click "Pick Up" button.
    4. After you've done this, the item will go directly to your star menu.

    The collectible items can be found on the home island and adventure maps. These special items are being placed in random places on the home island a few times per day. In order to collect them, you must find these objects on the island and click on them.

    Collectible items on adventure maps follow a different rule. They are spawned at the start of the adventure and are not re-spawned over time after you collect them. Every time you pick-up a collectible item from a map, you receive a certain amount of it.

    All collectible items can be traded and are located in "Miscellaneous" category in the Trade window interface.

    Collectible items can be present on both types of zones: home islands and adventure maps.

    Click here to enlarge the picture and see several collectible items indicated with arrows

    With the first installment of this feature, the following items will be introduced:

    Name: Banner
    Found on: Home island

    Name: Food Cart
    Found on: Home island

    Name: Herbs
    Found on: Home island

    Name: Kettle
    Found on: Home island

    Name: Scarecrow
    Found on: Home island

    Name: Bronze Cauldron
    Found on: Adventure maps

    In the Collections tab in the Mayor's house, you will notice that collectible items have different background colours. These colours are indicating resources' rarity. A brown background colour indicates common collectibles, green indicates uncommon and blue indicates rare ones.

    The collectible resources can be used to produce many buffs. With the implementation of the collectible items feature, the following buffs will be added to the game:

    Name: Country Saying (required level: 12)
    Effect: Adds 200 Wheat units to a Wheatfield.

    Name: Harvest Ritual (required level: 18)
    Effect: Boosts the production of a Farm up to 400% for 12 hours.

    Name: Whips and Carrots (required level: 23)
    Effect: Boosts the production of a Stable up to 400% for 6 hours.

    Name: Drill Sergeant Skunk (required level: 23)
    Effect: Boosts the recruitment speed of Barracks up to 300% for 12 hours.

    Name: A Sip From the Kettle (required level: 24)
    Effect: Boosts the population growth up to 300% for 8 hours.

    Name: Potion of Endless Energy (required level: 26)
    Effect: Boosts the production of a work yard up to 300% for 12 hours.

    Production of buffs listed above will consume required resources and take some time. It is possible to speed up the entire process.

    As always, feel free to leave your feedback in the adjacent feedback thread!

    Happy settling!
    Your The Settlers Online Team
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