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Thread: Bookbinder - remove the limit of one per person

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    Adding more of them does not change the scale of cost fact. Once you have them you will want to upgrade them, then there's the fact that you need to upgrade or build more of the book part supply buildings. You will then need a bigger supply of the raw materials to supply those buildings. One more bookbinder building could mean up to about 20 more buildings to supply it. Depending on how you run your islands economy it could also badly impact on your troop production capacity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BAAAHHHHHJJJAAA View Post
    This game needs another Book Binder (or a faster one) and another Barracks

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    Something needs to be done to revamp the science system, not sure another bookbinder is the answer. I'd probably build it if it was available. I'd still rather have a queueing system for books, even if the queue only became available once you reached the top tier of costs.

    I'd also like to see a buff that produces 2 of whatever you happen to be making right now, probably non tradeable and produced from collectibles.

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    I'd say a 2nd binder would be pretty useful. It would allow us to really churn out manuscripts which are the most needed. 3 and 4 per tome is not uncommon for people now. If you could make 4 per day with 2 binders (8 with glue) it would speed things up considerably. Even with level 3 buildings I way over produce resources. If I had 2 level 5 binders, maybe my nib and paper smith would have reason to go beyond level 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by lulu10093 View Post
    We don't need another building we just need to be able to queue stuff up like barracks and PH(
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