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Thread: Scrap guild coins & star coins

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    Lightbulb Scrap guild coins & star coins

    First we had gems and gold coins. And that made sense. You could earn gems, or buy them.
    Now he have gems, gold coins, guild coins and star coins.
    I know the euro has a bad reputation in some circles, but this is ridiculous. Replace the guild coins with coins and the star coins with gems.
    We have a guild market but you can't buy anything useful there.
    We can't even do anything with the star coins at the moment.

    Lately the game has gotten more complex, new things are added left, right and centre. But is it more fun?
    I don't think so. So remove the fat, get a lean and fun game and concentrate on PvP. That's what we want. You know that's what we want.

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    Guild coins are fairly useless atm I'll agree and the guild market should be expanded and something of use put in there, star coins are on test and TBH was pretty impressed with the things you can buy.

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    Star Coins couldn't be replaced with Gems. If level 50's started getting gems for completing adventures instead of the Star Coins they would:
    > Not be giving BB as much money as they otherwise might, and BB aren't doing this entirely for funsies.
    > Either be earning enough gems to quickly buy everything they could ever want, and quit the game from being finished or, earn measly amounts of gems, and feel ripped off.

    Guild coins I agree haven't really lived up to their potential. There's probably more that could be done there, but I'm not really sure what that is. Maybe a quicker and consistently timed rotation of the store items (eg, first maintenance of every third months guaranteed swapout).

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    Just because you don't find them usefull does not mean the same can be said of other players. I for one use guild coins to run my gold chain, leaving my precious gold coins to be spent on more deserving items.

    As for star coins it's appears the news that items bought with star coins will be here before the end of the month has not reached your ears.

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