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Thread: game improvement

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    game improvement


    in an adventure i always have difficulties to get back to my island.
    i was thinking, on the right side of the screen you have always the adventure. when you click it 5 buttons appear. where you can click visit ect.

    is it possible to add there a button to get back to your island??
    cause you have the button to visit the adventure, but there isn't a button to go from the adventure back to the island. everytime i must look myself up in the friendslist.
    it should be much easier.

    i hope that it is possible.

    best to you, general1

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    At the left-end of your friends list are 3 buttons. The biggest one at the bottom is 'Return home' ~ it works while visiting adventure or friends' islands. (It does require you to have your friends list unminimised.)

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    As Hairy explained, this button:

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    I presume he knows this button, anyway just got back to home island. Some of us play with always minimzed friend list, because it's only necessary in certain cases, specially in adventures just taking up space. The proposal of "Visit" change to "Home" in adventures is clear as well, while the button name "Return home" a little bit equivocal (ok, just very first time :-) it closes the adventure or not. So in my opinion it is logical and clear even there is room for a "Home" button near the "Send army back" and others.

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