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Thread: Collectible items buff

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    My point is, as the author himself admits, it is in development and far from perfect. For me it produced a whole load of false positives and only managed to find 2 collectibles that were fully exposed in open spaces. I would have found those myself easily had I not been testing the system. I tried it several times with the same results. Perhaps with some more development it will become a must-have tool in the same way as the combat sims, but right now it's a novelty - fun to try but little practical value.

    When you have a lv50 island with hardly any open space left, the very high chance of collectibles being partially or fully obscured by buildings makes this tool less and less useful in it's current form. Far better to learn the areas where they are likely to spawn: I find them again and again in the same places

    But then, what's the fun in making everything easy? why do people want everything in the game handed to them on a plate? I get a little buzz if I find a batch of 15 on my own.

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    Well i guess its capability differs from island to island , i don't have a fully built island (by choice, since producing everything myself reduces trading opportunities for me or overproducing something required lot of trading everyday ) so for me this tool works great for me. I don't bother looking for them my self , i take 4 screenshots of my island so all parts are covered and use this tool to locate them , if it finds all great , if 2-3 are left still ok , i wouldn't bother looking further.
    As for finding collectibles and stuff, this is not a hidden object search game, if i want to play games of that genre , i can choose from over one million of them available on the net and i am sure to find many far more interesting than this . Its not about getting handed everything on the plate , its more about getting rid of useless elements of gameplay and for those who don't agree get rid of your silos and watermills , start making fields and wells (whats the fun in making things easy )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyth View Post
    Try using this link to locate them:
    Thanks Lyth for the link !

    I was waiting for a tool like that to appear.

    to add to my original suggestion. The buff doesn't need to be cheap - not meant for daily use.

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