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Thread: [Dev Diary] Epic Workyards

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    [Dev Diary] Epic Workyards

    Dev's Diary: Epic Workyard, Guild system improvements and new mail interface

    Dear Settlers,

    This developer's diary entry is related to a new set of buildings called Epic Workyards, guild system improvements (e.g. Guild Bank) and a new in-game mail system interface.

    The Epic Workyards are a new type of building. They offer high-level players the opportunity to replace several existing production buildings with one single building. It's another way to acquire more space on the home island. There will be several Epic Workyard buildings and each of them will offer a particular production chain. Epic Workyards will be available for processing wood, ore, wheat, weapons, etc.

    As a first step, the game will be enriched with the Epic Woodyard that handles various wood processing chains.

    The Epic Woodyard

    Epic Woodyard
    This particular Workyard can handle wood-related production chains. It will surpass the production values of even the most powerful of your buildings and will provide more options that are not regularly available. Some of available production chains are foresters, sawmills or coal manufacturers!

    Click on the Epic Woodyard to open its interface where you can decide what it should produce.

    Epic Woodyard: Main window

    The Epic Woodyard provides 3 production slots. Player decides what kind of production will be active in each slot. Each slot can be configured in an individual way, hence it is possible to switch between different production chains. This flexibility allows you to adjust your production chains to your current needs. Of course it is also possible to leave a slot unassigned or just stop it's production.

    Let's have a look on the productions chains available.

    Production chains
    As mentioned before, the Epic Woodyard provides wood related productions. There are 6 different production chains available through the Epic Woodyard.

    Several production chains are inactive until quests related to them are completed. Production chains can be improved by completing corresponding quests. Only already activated production chains can be assigned to production slots.

    Important: After a new production chain was activated by finishing the corresponding quest, the current produced chain will not be stopped or exchanged with the newly activated one.

    It will be possible to buff Epic Workyards:

    Epic Workyard: Buffs
    The productivity of Epic Workyards can be accelerated with special buffs. These buffs will affect all production chains that are assigned to 3 production slots.

    Name: Magic bean soup
    Costs: Magic beans
    : Increases the production to 200% for 8 hours.

    Name: Chant of Focus
    Costs: Gems
    : Increases the production to 300% for 8 hours.

    Please keep in mind that all presented graphics/screenshots may differ from the final version.

    Many players suggested that a Guild Bank feature would be very useful. The idea of a guild-wide storage that can be used by all guild members (depending on their rights) is indeed very nice, that's why it was forwarded further. Guild features are very important, hence we plan to improve several aspects of the guild system in the near future. More details can be found below.

    There will be a new building added to the game: Guild Bank! The guild leader will be able to set up the constraints for all guild members related to the Guild Bank feature. In order to access the Guild Bank interface, you need to own this building:

    Name: Guild Bank
    Limit: 1 per player
    Building license required: Yes
    Description: Allows you to access the guild storage interface of your guild.

    The Guild Bank interface can have many tabs. By upgrading individual tabs, players can extend their capacity. One of them will be an "Expenses" tab, where guild members can deposit only Guild Coins. The rest of these tabs can consist of resources, buffs and even buildings! To make it easier to manage, the guild leader can customize names of tabs. The amount of goods that a tab can hold depends on its upgrade level.

    Every action is shown in the "Transaction History":

    The guild rank customization will step into a new level. The guild leader will be able to assign many rights to respective ranks.

    Some examples:
    • Possibility to deposit goods to the Guild Bank.
    • Possibility to withdraw goods from the Guild bank.
    • Possibility to invite new guild members.
    • Possibility to remove guild members.
    • Possibility to write guild mails.
    • Possibility to cancel Guild Quests.
    And more!

    Currently, when you open the list of all guilds and click on one of them, you see detailed information (e.g. complete list of the guild members and their levels). This will be replaced with a brief representation page.

    The in-game mail system will receive a new interface and there are many improvements planned. In order to give you a brief overview of upcoming interface changes, here's a screenshot:

    Mockup - the final version will probably look slightly different

    As presented above, the in-game mail system will be completely redesigned. It will become more intuitive and easier to use. More functions and information will be shown. New icons, expiration dates of mails and many more will enhance the current mail interface.

    More details about in-game mail system improvements will be revealed in the near future.

    Please feel free to leave your feedback about these new features here!

    Happy settling!
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